Can’t leave your post? Mag Grab Food ka na, uy!

This is my Grab Food Delivery Service Review.

Let me make a short “kwento” (story).

I am in the middle of doing a lot of stuff in front of my computer until I realized that it was already late for lunch. Like it is already around 2PM.

I am a work-from-home army and most of the time I just cook whatever I can grab from the ref. But this particular day, I am lazy.

So since I have been seeing posts about Grab Food in the social media, I said to myself why not try it.

How to order Grab Food

I’m sure you have the Grab App installed in your phone already. The Grab app has already matured into a one-stop shop for almost everything you need in your daily life. Food is a must, like who does not eat? Right?

Currently, the Grab app offers more than just a ride. You can use is to deliver something, buy load, and buy food.

Open the Grab App and tap “Food”.

Next step is to select the desired Delivery Address.

Then find the food you want the twelve (12) restaurant partners of Grab. Okay, not all 12 restos will be there since the app is location-based. But from where I am right now, I can see a long list already.

Choose the food you want from the menu and then book it. That simple.

It is like booking your Grab ride. It will find a rider (on motorcycle) and then  buy the food you ordered.

Just like that.

Here’s how it looks on your Grab app.

Grab Food Notification

While my food is on-process, meaning the rider has taken my order from the app, I get a constant notification which I liked.

Upon booking, I get a personal message from the rider that says “Wait for me!”.  I said, LOL! Jk! Of course, I said sure! That was the rider.

After that, there are automated messages from Grab. It updates me everything — from the rider who is already at the store placing my order.

Order collected.

Driver is on the way to you.

Your driver has arrived. Go get your order!


It was an awesome experience.

For a minimal fee of P49, I did not go out for lunch anymore. The food was delivered in my doorstep. I can tract my rider (just like the usual Grab ride where you can see the location of the driver).

I also liked that I was able to add instructions to the rider like “Please prepare a change for P1,000”, and “Please knock on the door, the door bell isn’t working”.

Good job, Grab!

Kaya ikaw, mag Grab Food ka uy!


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