GRAB to start operating in NAIA

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There is no better news for everybody, specially for the Grab Operators / Grab Peers to know that they will no longer be apprehended when they pick up or drop off passengers at the airport.

A few months back you will recall that Grab and Uber were declined to operate in the airport because they are required to get a special permit from NAIA in order to be able to serve the riding public.

An accreditation process must be obtained from the airport authorities and I guess Grab did their homework well.

Grab NAIA Pick Up

In an inside info we obtained, Grab will officially start to operate in NAIA T3, meaning they can pick up and drop off passengers at the airport beginning this week.

What was not clear though if it will be NAIA Terminal 3 only or all other terminals.

What was used to be underground operation will turn legitimate. We know some Grab and Uber still do their business even it is “not allowed“. They just operate in a very discreet manner so that nobody can identify them as a Grab Car.

So, Grab Peers, are you happy about this development? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Grab Official Receipt

On a separate note, do you guys get official receipts from Grab? We noticed this OR we got from one of our trips this morning. For a total fare of P106, we gave Manong Driver P20 instead of P6 only. But Manong Driver, Mang Zaldy gave us this receipt with the total amount of P6 only. Should we get P106 as the total fare or should we get the remainder only?

Let us know what you think about this issue.

Meantime, now that Grab will be at the airport officially, will it be better for the Grab Peer. What about the riding public, are you happy with this development?

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