8 NEW Grab Features as Grab launches Better Everyday campaign

In just six months of recording Grab’s two billion rides, on Sunday, January 20, 2019, it made another record of hitting 3 billion rides in South East Asia.

Owing this milestone to its riding customers and partners, Grab announced its latest campaign “Better Everyday”, an initiative with eight new app features and enhanced everyday services that aim to improve overall customer experience.

Beyond the traditional Grab rides, Grab has already added other services such as Grab Food, Grab Express, Grab Rewards and Grab Pay. This year, you’ll see more app enhancements that will make your experience safe, seamless and more rewarding.

Grab Car app new features

1. Cancel Anytime (before allocation) — This feature allows consumers to cancel their booking attempt before a driver gets assigned.

2. Save Places. To make booking faster and easier, riders can now save their preferred and most frequented places such as home, office, gym, etc. This feature allows quick selection of frequently used addresses for pick up and drop off. There’s a Saved Places tab in your Grab app provided to save your preferred places.

3. Rewards points for passengers who got canceled on. Grab has taken into consideration the feedback of both passengers and drivers on cancellation of allocated bookings.

If the driver cancels a ride booking, you will get 30 Grab Rewards points credited within 24 hours.

4. Change Destination. In case of incorrect location setting, last minute change can be done while in transit. The fare will also adjust. There will be a “Change” tab on the Driver details screen while in-transit.

This feature is currently available on Grab Car, GrabCar 6-seater, Grab Car Premium services only in Metro Manila, Cebu, Bacolod and Pampanga.

5.  Lost and found. Grab has integrated into the app a new lost and found feature, which assists passengers to contact the driver directly after a completed booking. Click the history tab and select the recent booking record.

6.  Passenger Time-out. Grab has also acknowledged feedback from drivers who complained about riders canceling after being allocated, and even if the driver is on the way to the pickup point. Thus, Grab also introduced a passenger timeout feature. Passengers will be temporarily banned from the app.

Consumers will be banned for a maximum of 23 hours upon reaching the following limit:

  • Maximum of 2 cancellations per Grab service within 1 hour
  • Maximum of 3 cancellations per Grab service within 24 hour
  • Maximum of 5 cancellations per Grab service within 7 days

Brian Cu, President, Grab Philippines

“This 2019, we continue to underscore our commitment towards a better Grab experience. We are happy to start the year with an introduction of new features that will redefine consumer experience.” Grab Philippines President Brian Cu said.

Grab Food – Pinoy’s Everyday App

Grab is also improving services beyond transportation.

Grab Food which has so far grown in completed orders by 12x since its launch six months ago, is now the leading online food delivery service in the Philippines.

Grab Food is now available in Metro Manila, and in Cebu.

It has the widest selection with over 5,000 active merchants from Metro Manila and Cebu.

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Grab Express new features

7. Multi-stop delivery feature (MSD). This allows users to send deliveries in five (5) different recipients and location using one single rider.

8. Multiple Concurrent Bookings (MCB). This is for the social sellers and micro-entrepreneurs which allow them to send a maximum 10 parcels using different delivery partners at the same time.

“As an everyday app, we continue to use our technology to provide solutions that will improve the daily experience of our fellow Filipinos. Our goal is to serve our consumers better everyday with the challenge to always go above and beyond what is expected,” Cu said.


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