Grab Freedom day; book a ride and it might free!

In relation to the rebranding of the taxi booking app Grab Taxi to just GRAB, they also proclaimed Grab Freedom day.

Grab Freedom Day is happening in the capital cities of the six countries it operates in.

During this event, over a hundred Grabbers including the management team across the region will spend a day as Grab drivers.


“In order for us to outserve our customers, we need to understand them and what better way than spending an entire day as a driver and for a good cause too,” said Cheryl Goh, VP of Marketing for Grab.

Grab Freedom day is Grab CSR

Riders who book vehicles driven by Grabbers will ride for free, and the value of the ride will be donated to charities across the region.

In the Philippines, today, January 29, is the Grab Freedom day.

In other countries like Singapore and Malaysia, they will celebrate it on January 30. In Vietnam, their Grab Freedom day is  on February 2, while Indonesia and Thailand are all set on February 3.

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