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What is Grab Rewards

To encourage the riding public to continuously book their rides with Grab, the ride-sharing app launched a loyalty program that enables riders to earn points. Grab Rewards is what riders get for every Grab ride. It is simple. Very much like how you get points when you use your credit card or your Globe Rewards with your postpaid.

How to enable GrabRewards The first thing to do is to update your app. The old version of the app does include the tab Rewards. So whether you are using IOS or Android device, it is time to update the Grab app to start earning reward points.

Second thing is that Grab Reward points are earned by using any of the following services by Grab: GrabTaxi, GrabCar & GrabShare. Hopefully, they also add Grab Express later on.

As soon as you update your Grab App, you will get the Rewards Tab enabled. But even before you update your app, you will notice that there are already points accumulated which shows under your name.

After you update your Grab App, a welcome screen introducing the rewards system will pop up first. I looks like this:

How many GrabRewards points I need to get P50 off?

You need 550 points to earn P50 off a Grab ride. You need to accumulate 1,050 points to get P100 off your next Grab ride. What is not yet clear is how is point get accumulated.

My dashboard says I already have 1,222 points. I have several Grab rides since January this year with different Grab Rewards points.

Grab Rewards Membership Levels

As you earn points, your Grab Rewards Membership level goes up. There are four types of Grab Rewards levels, Member, Silver (3,000 points), Gold (3,000 points) and Platinum (8,000 points).

Where else can I use Grab Rewards?

Good news. You can also use the earned points in other establishments that are partners with Grab. As of the moment, we can see a KFC, Mrs. Fields, Zalora, Althea, Mister Donut, Tokyo Tokyo, Travel Book, and Agoda to name a few.

What is not clear right now is that whether these earned points expires. And if you can also earn points outside the Philippines. (Grab riders in SG are allowed to earn points outside their country.)

Good news: Promo rides earn points too!

You heard it right. Even promo codes earn points too!

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