Now Official: GrabShare; the UberPool of Grab

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Grab’s latest sub-product of GrabCar/Taxi has been launched today. GrabShare is the UberPool of Grab. You can now share your ride with somebody else in route to your destination.

The good news: Booking through GrabShare lets you enjoy up to 30% off compared to the regular Grab ride. The bad news: You can tag along one (1) friend with you. Another good news: Maximum two-stop guaranteed, meaning passengers can expect no more than one additional drop-off during their ride

“After the success of our first run in Singapore, we’ve decided to bring GrabShare to Manila for the benefit of the Filipino commuters. With it, we can deliver more affordable rides to our passengers and provide higher incomes for our drivers,” said Brian Cu, Grab Philippines’ Country Head.

How to use GrabShare

It is a simple as booking your regular GrabCar, in the booking app there is another category called GrabShare.

Step 1. Select the GrabShare icon and input pick-up and drop-off points before selecting “Book”.

Step 2. Wait for your GrabShare driver at the pick-up location. Drivers will wait up to 5 minutes.

Step 3: Share a ride and enjoy the savings! You will be informed when your driver is picking up an additional rider.

Benefits for the drivers

1. Higher earnings
Drivers can double the bookings they serve on a single GrabShare trip, with minimal effort. This translates to higher combined fares and an increase in their earnings.

2. Cost-efficient trips
Every GrabShare trip helps drivers maximize the utility of their vehicle, fuel and time, which means fewer resources are needed to yield the same amount of productivity.

Benefits for passengers

1. Cheaper fares
GrabShare fares are up to 30 percent cheaper than GrabCar (Sedan) fares. Fares are fixed and displayed upfront.

2. Ride with a friend (per booking)
GrabShare users can share their trip with up to one other person as long as they have the same pick-up and drop-off point. Fares are fixed so there’s no need for an additional fee to share the ride with a friend.

3. Maximum two-stop guarantee
Passengers can expect no more than one additional drop-off during their ride. This ensures everyone reaches their locations fast for less. Drivers will wait up to five minutes for each passenger during pick-ups.

4. Instant booking
Passengers can book a GrabShare ride on-demand from anywhere, at any time and enjoy socializing with fellow commuters on the ride.

5. Ride with peace of mind
Safety is Grab’s utmost priority. All Grab rides are insured while drivers have gone through regular customer service trainings, and a thorough application process.

GrabShare combines a maximum of two separate passenger bookings with similar routes into a single ride. Passengers experience only one additional stop before reaching their respective destinations. Drivers can also maximize their potential earnings by completing two jobs in the time it previously took to complete one; this enables them to finish more jobs per hour, boost their incomes and reduce their fuel consumption.

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