Grab Taxi, Grab Car Promo Codes for June 2015

With the approval of Land Transportation, Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) of the Transport Vehicle Network System (TNVS), mobile app booking service like Grab Taxi, Grab Car, Grab Premium and Uber have paved the way to give the riding public a wise choice in their daily transport needs.


The growing demand of public transport with safe and professional drivers made Grab Taxi the best choice for the middle class working in Metro Manila.

By now, you might have been used to riding Grab Taxi, but there is two more category Grab has to offer — Grab Car or Sedan and Grab Premium or Grab Car Plus.

Grab Car category are sedan vehicles. These are the types of cars like Toyota Vios, Toyota Innova, and Honda City.

To promote the service, Grab has been offering “Promo Code” to the riding public. In May, the promo code “GrabCar” for Grab Car and “GCPlus” for Grab Premium were used in exchange to a P100 less to your fare.

June Grab Taxi/Car/Car Plus Promo Code

To continue attracting the riding public, Grab offered a new promo code for June. Take note of these codes as they apply to different categories.

Grab Car Promo Code — Kalayaan
Grab Car Premium Code — Freedom

For the two categories above, passengers enjoy less P50 of the total fare. Take note that these codes can be used only for twelve rides.

Did you miss the less P100 promo code? Your friends can still enjoy it. The good news is, for first time riders, they can still use the promo code “GrabCar” and “GCPlus”. The old codes are valid for 10 rides.

For Grab Taxi, the promo code for June are:

MyName for Metro Manila
NgalanNako for Cebu, Davao, Bacolod and Iloilo

For Grab Taxi riders, your booking fee is waived once you entered the promo code for June.

Are we giving away unlimited FREE booking fee? YES! Are we giving away a PERSONAL promo code? YES!GrabTaxi now and use the promo codes below!

Posted by GrabTaxi on Monday, June 1, 2015

And as Grab would say, keep Grabbing!

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