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Lenovo A7000 Review

Will you buy a smartphone that has 64-bit Octa-core processor, 2G RAM DDR 3, with cameras that have 8 and 5 megapixels and will cost you only P7,390? Oh.. wait! This smartphone is the first-ever smartphone that has Dolby ATMOS audio technology.

That is Lenovo’s A7000 which is currently available exclusively on Lazada.

Lenovo-A7000PH02The Lenovo A7000 was launched recently in the Philippines, but it will be available throughout the region via the e-Commernce website Lazada.

Few days after the Philippine launch, Lenovo sent us a test unit for us to play around and get our feedback about the phone. Take note that it is the first time for Lenovo to bring their goods to e-Commernce site, coming from the traditional way of selling.

In a recent news, Lazada also partnered with Alcatel to sell their Flash Plus.

Build and quality

Lenovo A7000 has plastic construction making it a very light yet big smartphone having a 5.5-inch display. The front will remind you of the first Galaxy Note less the capacitive button. The round edge tells me that this design is so current, every smartphone in the market adopts this form.

Display, UI and Apps

Lenovo A7000 display is bright and crisp, you will have no problem at all viewing your photos, using your favorite apps while on the go. Take note also that Lenovo has removed the app drawer in the A7000, so you are left with the folder system to organize your apps. Also, Lenovo has stuffed A7000 with lots of apps which you don’t actually need. These apps occupies the very little internal storage of 8G. Later on, you will realize the need to expand the memory by buying micro-SD.


The knock on feature originally introduced by LG was also adopted by Lenovo A7000. This is the best feature when you want to wake up your phone from sleep mode.


I can say that Lenovo A7000 has served me well. There are few stuff I have to list down here that does not satisfy me, but there are more features that I love about A7000.


I have noticed some slow performance specially when several apps are simultaneously running in the background. The A7000 chokes even with the 2G RAM on board.

Camera and sample photos

Outdoor performance is superb!

Evening shot is not so awesome.

Indoor shot is fine!

Against the light, it delivered!

Close up shot, ftw!




Battery life

Until now the only smartphone that gave me outstanding performance in terms of battery life is the Kata M1. Lenovo A7000, even with 2,900 mAH battery will only last for 5 hours with data turned on. On WiFi, this will extend to 7 hours.


Antutu gave Lenovo A7000 a score of 39,865. Nenamark gave a score of 63fps.


Dolby ATMOS Audio feature

The selling feature of the Lenovo A7000 is that it is the first ever smartphone with Dolby ATMOS sound performance. To experience this you need a decent headphone to pair with it, otherwise you have to make use of the stock speakers which has decent sound output.

To enjoy Dolby ATMOS, you also have to playback a video that has been recorded with such feature. 🙂


With my Globe LTE-enabled SIM card, A7000 delivered what is expected of it. In areas where LTE is possible, it gave me speed that I need. In this review, we tested only SIM 1.

Since it is very hot Summer in Manila, I am back working in coffee shops. Lenovo A7000 helped me a lot by turning it into a WiFi hotspot. I have connected up to six devices with it and it never choked.


This is the first model of Lenovo smarpthone to be sold in the e-Commerce space. On June 9, it will got on sale again, on its third exclusive sale on Lazada. When you buy Lenovo A7000 on June 9, you will get it at a bundle price at P7,499, which comes with a free back cover (valued at P699), a free screen protector (valued at P299), an Audio Technica over-the-ear headphone (valued at P679)and a free Globe SIM card with 100MB data. That’s over P1,500 of additional value!

You can buy Lenovo A700 from Lazada using the link below.

Lazada Philippines

Lenovo A7000 is a great smartphone to begin with. It has the specs that you need. But you have to spare few hundreds for a little upgrade — for additional storage, and a decent headphone to enjoy the Dobly ATMOS feature. The price tag is very affordable and you can buy it hassle-free from Lazada. In terms of warranty, Lenovo is ready to handle it with their (30) Lenovo Mobile service centers and collection points nationwide.

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