Grab Car promo code for July 21 to 31

Just in!

As “legallygrab” promo code expires today, another code to keep you riding the most awesome ride-sharing business in the country today. Grab has announced the promo code for the remainder of July 2015!

“Umbrella” is for the rainy days!


With “Umbrella” promo code, riders get P100 off for 10 rides from July 22-31! Just key in the promo code UMBRELLA each time you book a trip.

“Umbrella” Grab Car and Grab Car Plus promo code is valid in Metro Manila for the sedan and premium category only.

See also: How to sign up as Grab Operator or Grab Peer.

And for the loyal Grab Taxi riders, here’s the promotion for you.

P40 booking fee for Metro Manila only.

Hey Metro Manila Grabbers, we’ve got a treat for you! Booking fee for ALL rides is now only Php40!No promo codes…

Posted by GrabTaxi on Monday, July 20, 2015


  1. hi. i ride a grab car sedan and key in this promo code umbrella for my bookkeeping. however, i have received from my email an e-receipt for my bill for this bookkeeping. this is the first to use the promo code, which should be Php100.00 off for the first 10 rides. please answer. thanks

      1. Hi Spidey. Last July 22,2015, I booked a grab car sedan with the
        Umbrella code, for a range of 0.8km. The fare is less than Php100.00.
        Believing that it should be Php100.00 off for the first ten rides, I did
        not pay the driver of the sedan. The day after, I saw on email and
        e-receipt from Grab telling my bill and thanking me for patronizing your

        How does this Umbrella promo code works? Did I made a mistake on not paying the driver for my ride last July 22?

        Please assist on my inquiries.


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