Hologram technology first used by GMA 7

I was just talking to some friends over at Facebook regarding the Hologram Technology, first used by CNN during the last Presidential Election in the US.

The same technology is also available now in the Philippines. GMA News was the first to use it this Election. Watch this clip below lifted from their GMANews.TV website.

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With the first automated election comes this technology in broadcasting, now thats a big wow! Congrats GMA 7!

The same technology likewise has been seen several times in the movie Star Wars. Who would even think that we will experience this in our generation.


ABS-CBN used similar technology and they explained it last night in the news. They called it Virtual Presence or Augmented Reality. While GMA7 in their news this morning explained that what they used is actually holographic effect.

What I noticed was both networks introduced new technology which employs Asian IT experts. Singaporean I think for GMA7 and Indian for ABS-CBN.


  1. At ABS po una sa pagpapakita ng ganitong technology…mapa hologram man o Virtual Presence…..Ang cheap ng GMA…tsk tsk….gaya gaya…

  2. Ummm… that is not a real hologram my friend. Miss jessica sojo is actually pretending to talk to someone when only the tv displays the CG overlay that they fondly refer as a “holographic image”. Notice how the viewing angle never shifted while they were talking. Its actually called augmented reality (more impressive using PS3 Eye technology). Hologram technology do exist but only displays computer generated images, not real people.

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