Which TV Network used real touch screen?

Both parties had their explanations in their own newscasts regarding the Hologram effect/technology introduced by GMA7, and the Virtual Presence or Augmented Reality which was pioneered by ABS-CBN 2.

Now let us look at their touch screen technologies. This time lets include in the ballgame the newly acquired network by the MVP group, TV5. Ladies and gentlemen the battle of TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY by the KAPUSO, PAPAMILYA and by KAPATID!

The rival networks GMA7 and ABS-CBN both used touch screens in the recently concluded Election which was by the way not a automated election but, an automated counting only. Anyway, touch screens are not new anymore in the Philippines, you can find it in gadgets like iTouch, iPad, middle to high end cellphones, tablet computers and many more. Using this technology in broadcast however is much different from just using the mentioned gadgets. First, not all newscasters like TJ Manotoc are techies, they may find it a little bit uncomfortable using it, specially when the broadcast is live. I’m sure the Kapuso followers must have seen Mike Enriquez showed Erap’s photos in the iPad, and he find it hard sliding to the next image.

Here are different Youtube videos for your to observe which of them really used a touch screen.

Here’s TJ Manotoc doing his report from the “WAR” room.

And, look at this clip by Rhea Santos while she delivers report about the election.

Finally, from the newly reformatted news program of TV5. Here’s Paolo Bediones reporting interactively using the touch screen. Oh, by the way just after TV5 dissolved TEN, or The Evening News, and “AKSYON” was born, Paolo and Cheryl started using the touch screen already.

Watch the video one by one. Now you decide.

You think that Rea Santos is just uncomfortable using it? Is TJ Manotoc really touching it? Look at Paolo Bediones, he even made an annotation in the screen! Now that’s the real touch screen I think!

I don’t know if anybody from these networks maybe able to read this blog. Let’s try to listen to what they have to say about their “touch screens”.


  1. Thanks Jove for dropping by. Hope you come back more often! BTW, I missed TEN.

  2. Thanks for this post, Raffy! And thanks to the ever active TENers (even if TEN is on hiatus) who sent us the link of your blog entry. The network embraces technology, we also take pride in NOT forgetting about content, IMHO the real reason why people watch the news, and the reason why people should be watching news =) MORE POWER!

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