Fujifilm PH launches instax SQ20

The instant camera from Fujifilm popularly known as the instax series has introduced a hybrid version. The instax SQ20 is a hybrid camera — it can take photos and videos as well.

The hybrid camera has evolved a lot. The instax SQ20 can do a lot of things to improve your photography skills. Here are few of them:

  • Frame Grab – allows users to shoot up to 15 seconds long video, then select the frame that captures the best moment, and print that specific frame.
  • Time Shift Collage – allows users to capture four images taken at different times, then print it in one frame.
  • Sequence – a special filter that creates a sense of action or whimsy.
  • Partial Color – another type of filter wherein only a single color is highlighted, e.g. red, green or blue, and the rest is monochrome

As far as taking photos is concerned, it has different kinds of shooting modes. You can do double exposure that combines two images into one single image. There’s a bulb feature that opens the shutter as long as it is being pressed and split that lets users to have multiple photos, 3, 4, or 9, in one output. Moreover, it is also the first instax camera to have a zoom function, a digital zoom that is, which allows you to zoom up to 4x and adjust the view angle in any matter you like.

The instax SQ20 has internal storage can hold up to 50 still photos. A micro SD card slot is also available for additional storage which allows users to shoot hundreds of images.

instax SQ20 Availability and Price

The Fujifilm instax SQ20 is available in beige and black. Official SRP in the Philippines is P12,990.

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