Joyroom JR T04S Pro L. E. Review


My first experience with a TWS Headphone that comes with a wireless charger was a positive one. The Joyroom JR T04S Pro Limited Edition is equipped with a 15W wireless charger as well as a wireless case that matches the functionality of the charger.

Joyroom JR T04S Pro Review

Joyroom JR T04S Pro Limited Edition Specs

  • BT 5.0, low power consumption, fast transmission and stable connection.
  • Exclusive ID design, light and compact, comfortable half in-ear type.
  • 3mm speaker, SBC high fidelity audio decoding, hi-fi music.
  • Infrared in-ear detection IC, sense it in-ear to play, take out to pause, intelligent switching mode.
  • 14.5H long battery life, travel-ready.
  • Single and double earphone mode, auxiliary earphones still act as the main earphones.
  • DSP noise reduction calls, filtering external noise, clear voice.
  • Qi standard wireless and wired charging choices.
  • IPX5 waterproof
  • Weight: 0.42 kg
  • Color: White & Dark Blue

Unboxing the retail package

This is what the retail package looks like when you buy this from Digital Walker Philippines.

JoyRoom JR T04S Pro

Joyroom JR T04S Pro Price

Official SRP is P2,990 but Digital Walker has a promotional price as of this posting. The promotional price is currently at P1,990.

JoyRoom JR T04S Pro Review

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Buy from Shopee

Alternatively, you can get this from Shopee to take advantage of a low shipping fee. 

Joyroom JR T04S Pro Packaging

Due to the fact that this item is a limited edition, Joyroom went above and beyond with the retail packaging. It features a larger box to accommodate the 15W wireless charger that comes with it.

JoyRoom JR T04S Pro Review

If you look closely, you will notice that the box contains everything you need to know about the TWS. From the basic logo to specifications, features, a QR code for the item, and social media icons for contacting the seller, everything is covered.

Joyroom JR T04S Pro Design

Upon opening the box, you’ll see the Limited Edition TWS Headphone on its plastic case that has LED indicator and has USB Type-C port.

Because the Joyroom JR T04S Pro LE comes with a 15w Wireless Charger, the USB Type-C connector on the case will only be used in an emergency situation. Most of the time, you’ll simply place the case on top of the charger, and the TWS will begin to charge automatically.

The case includes a 400mAh battery that can charge the earphones four times, and it also enables wireless charging, as evidenced by the wireless charging pad that comes with the package.


JoyRoom JR T04S Pro Review

The earphones come with a long stem and earbuds, however, the design doesn’t have silicon ear tips, therefore they may not suit everyone’s ear canal. A mesh filter on the earphones protects the speaker from dirt and earwax. Because the charging connector for the case is placed at the bottom of the steam, it’s critical not to lose the case, as other cases will not charge the headphones.

Taking the JR-T04S Pro earbuds from its case makes a seamless connection almost immediately. Despite the fact that it is lightweight and simple to operate, it does not quite fit in the canal. There are no concerns about using it on a regular basis, whether at the gym or when riding in the rain because it has an IPX5 rating.

JoyRoom JR T04S Pro Review

The audio quality is fairly nice, the 13mm loudspeaker performs admirably, and I loved listening to my favorite playlists on Spotify. The bass is distinct and provides a nice sound experience, while the mids are also there. Listening to podcasts is also enjoyable, thanks to the clear and sharp speech quality. It has DSP noise reduction, which is useful for filtering external noise when making calls; the volume level is also excellent; there is no need to turn it all the way up.


Overall, the JOYROOM JR-T04S Pro is an excellent wireless earbud for the price, it’s comfy to wear even for extended periods of time, and it has long-lasting battery life. If you’re shopping for a quality pair of truly wireless headphones, it’s an excellent alternative to AirPods. It also comes with a lovely carrying bag and a wireless charger, which is an excellent value.



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