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LG Elevates the Experience at BGC Art Center’s Van Gogh Alive

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Thanks to LG’s participation in the highly anticipated Van Gogh Alive show at the BGC Arts Center, visitors to the Philippines have a unique chance to fully experience the world of Vincent van Gogh, one of the most famous artists in history, for a short time. Beginning October 20, 2023, at the BGC Arts Center in Taguig City, this one-of-a-kind multisensory event will captivate audiences for a very short time.
Over 9 million people have been amazed by Van Gogh Alive, an art show by the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. in collaboration with Del Monte Philippines and created by Grande Experiences. For art lovers, families, and people looking for an unforgettable experience, its grand opening at the BGC Arts Center looks like a life-changing trip.

It is said that Van Gogh Alive is a “must-see” multisensory experience because it surrounds visitors with a hypnotic symphony of light, color, sound, and smell. There is something magical and educational about how Van Gogh’s masterpieces come to life in this show. With this experience, guests will feel like they are in the middle of one of the artist’s famous works, learning more about his unique point of view and creative genius. They can gain new insights into the artist’s life and how his work has changed over time by exploring his world through a collection of carefully chosen photos and videos displayed next to his works.

Using LG’s cutting-edge technology in the Van Gogh Alive show makes the experience better for visitors. The great LG OLED 83″ (OLED83C3PSA) screen in the Art Studio captures the essence of Van Gogh’s amazing drawings, especially the sketches, with unmatched clarity and color accuracy. The LG QNED 75″ (75QNED80SRA) screen adds to the immersive atmosphere with its great picture quality and sound. LG’s 50″ UHD (50UR8050PSB) displays in the lobby and merchandise store give visitors a fun way to learn about the event and look through a carefully chosen selection of Van Gogh-themed items. These cutting-edge displays further enhance every part of the exhibition.

Ms. Maria Isabel Garcia, Managing Director of BAFI, discusses the cultural importance of the new exhibit “Van Gogh Alive has been to 100 cities and is the exhibition that has been seen by the most number of people in the world. Having it here in the Philippines, the motivation of BAFI for having it here at the BGC Arts Center is not just to ride the fantastic trend but also so that Filipinos partake of this traveling immersive treasure without having to go elsewhere.”

LG Philippines’ Managing Director Mr. Sungjae Kim shares his excitement regarding the partnership “The collaboration between LG and Van Gogh Alive at the BGC Arts Center is a testament to LG’s unwavering commitment to enriching lives through innovative technology. By supporting this extraordinary exhibit, LG aims to bring art enthusiasts and the broader public closer to the world of Vincent van Gogh in a way that transcends traditional museum experiences.”

LG and BAFI have been working together for a long time and have a good relationship. They both want to make the community better by bringing art, science, and technology together. LG has given the foundation more than a million pesos worth of cutting-edge LG OLED, QNED, and UHD TVs. LG has always supported BAFI’s goal, and this generous donation shows how much they care about improving the artistic and cultural experiences of the community. This strengthens their long-lasting and important partnership.

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