LG Brings Clean Air Direct to Your Home in the “New” Normal

It is the new standard to spend almost all of your time at home. The COVID-19 Group Mobility Study from Google, which monitors the frequency of visits to different locations and the duration of stay, shows that since February last year, the amount of time people spend at home has increased. People are now using the home as an office, a restaurant, a gym, and much more with stay-at-home orders in place in many countries. However, in a shocking, undesirable way, this “New Standard” will affect the air quality within the home.

Cooking at home, for example, which has become part of the daily routine of most people since the pandemic started, can produce dangerous air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. A high amount of carbon dioxide can be emitted by home workouts, which have risen dramatically with gyms closed.

In order to avoid such problems with HVAC solutions designed to fix air quality issues caused by our socially distant lifestyles, LG has risen to the challenge and has responded with technical advances. For instance, the LG DUAL Vane Cassette, an indoor 4-way ceiling cassette-type unit, ensures safe air with an extensive purification feature when fitted with LG’s Air Purification Kit. The kit eliminates dangerous bacteria and invisible ultrafine dust efficiently, and for efficient and cost-effective semi-permanent use, the filter can be quickly detached and washed with water.

LG Home Solution

LG provides customers with seamless power with LG ThinQ in addition to improved indoor air quality. Users can manage and monitor their LG solution from inside or outside the home thanks to the LG ThinQ mobile app, and check air quality status in real-time. Another simple, convenient way for users to monitor air quality status is through a small LED display located on the indoor unit that uses different colors to indicate the level of indoor particulate matter.

LG Philippines’ Managing Director Sungjae Kim is confident that the South Korean brand’s air-purifying technology is exactly what consumers need at this time. “HVAC providers need to take into consideration how the new home-centric lifestyle is impacting air in the indoor spaces where so many people now live, work and play. Carefully-designed HVAC solutions, like those from LG, can contribute to making life at home more enjoyable and, importantly, healthier as well.”

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