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Let LG Light Up Your World: LG’s 2021 OLED evo TV

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LG is laying the groundwork for a better viewing experience than ever before. LG highlights the possibilities of OLED self-lit pixel technology in a brief yet captivating teaser. The vibrant 90-second film is the highlight of LG’s new ‘Light Up Your World’ campaign, which highlights the company’s newest OLED evo TV.


LG’s OLED evo sets a new bar for what television can be. An additional layer and a stronger emissive substance have been added to the next-generation OLED display. These improve the panel’s structure and tune the light’s wavelengths. The result is better information clarity and brighter, punchier image quality – it’s not only the display that’s enhanced but your watching experience as well.

LG’s visual quality is unrivaled because of its millions of self-lit OLED pixels. Unlike LED/LCD TVs, LG OLED TVs are capable of extraordinary realism and small designs due to backlight technology. When it comes to visual quality, OLED is the greatest option. This is due to OLED’s millions of self-lit pixels, which can provide perfect black and precise color. As a consequence, you’ll have a watching experience unlike any other. Furthermore, Intertek, a global testing organization, has proven that LG OLED panels have 100% color integrity. This implies that the colors you see on the screen are very near to the original image’s hues. What a result, everything you see appears to be as the designer intended.

LG’s 4K OLED TV is powered by the 9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K, a ground-breaking technology that analyzes and optimizes content using deep-learning algorithms. Every image and sound modification is made automatically, ensuring that whatever you see is amazing. The deep-learning system in AI Image Pro analyzes content, reduces noise, and enhances picture quality using a large library of visual data points. Furthermore, the new Scene Detection function can now assess the sort of scene being displayed and optimize the image accordingly. On the other side, AI Sound Pro learns from audio data points, identifying voices, effects, and frequencies in order to optimize sound by genre for a more immersive experience.

The newly styled TV provides tailored entertainment recommendations, faster access to favorites, and management of connected devices all in one convenient location. The Magic Remote, which works more like a magic wand, has also been revamped. The ergonomic design is comfortable to carry, and the point and scroll feature makes searching easier. Built-in AI makes it simple to access services, and hotkeys for major content providers enable quick access to all of your favorites. In addition, Magic Tap, a brilliant new trick that links your phone to your TV, is now available. You may exchange content between your TV and smartphone by tapping an NFC-enabled smartphone to the remote.

Exciting times are ahead for LG. Mr. Sungjae Kim, Managing Director of LG Philippines, said: “LG OLED technology has been the industry leader for the past few years. We hope that with this new campaign, customers will see for themselves how OLED can provide the best possible TV viewing experience anywhere.”

To have a glimpse of LG’s newest OLED evo TV, check this out – https://www.lg.com/ph/oled-tvs/2021/self-lit-pixels

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