Maya intros Liza Soberano as Chief Advocacy Officer; launches My money, my bank, my way campaign

Maya is the only all-in-one money platform in the Philippines. It is doubling down on its digital banking advantage to speed up growth in consumer finance and get more Filipinos to use new financial services like credit and investments.

Maya launched a new campaign in collaboration with multihyphenate star and newly minted Maya Brand Ambassador and Chief Advocacy Officer Hope Elizabeth “Liza” Soberano to support this push. The campaign, dubbed “My Money. My Bank. My Way,” aims to mainstream digital banking and empower Filipinos to take control of their finances through innovations that make money management easier, more personalized, and rewarding.

Maya’s best-in-class consumer savings account, which offers easy account opening with just one valid ID, a boosted high-interest rate of up to 10% p.a., which can be achieved the more customers spend in their Maya wallet, daily interest crediting, and customizable personal goals is among the campaign’s highlighted innovations.

Maya is also the first finance app to provide customers with their own @username, which makes sending money as simple as tagging friends on TikTok or Instagram. Customers also appreciate the sleek black Maya card, which is accepted by more than 80 million merchants worldwide.

Maya now has over 1.5 million bank customers. According to, it is the most popular digital banking app in the Philippines, with the most app downloads and monthly active users among the country’s six licensed digital banks.

With a 99.94% uptime rate, easy account opening, and real-time transaction history, it is also the highest-rated finance app on the App Store and Google Play, outperforming leading e-wallet and bank brands.

“Filipinos trust banks and like the convenience of e-wallets. By providing an all-in-one digital banking app where people can save, spend, borrow, and invest seamlessly, we have simplified the whole financial services experience for consumers. Our strategy has allowed us to deliver a superior and unmatched banking and payments experience, ” said Shailesh Baidwan, Maya Group President.  

Shailesh Baidwan, Maya Group President

“Moreover, we’ve seen firsthand that customers who save or borrow transact 2 to 3 times more than payments-only users. Our innovations, such as daily interest crediting and gamified savings, have led to a stickier app experience, more types of transactions, and greater share of wallet,” he added. 

Maya has announced an update to its mission-led savings promotion in order to encourage more Filipinos to save and use digital transactions. Customers can boost their Maya savings with up to 10% p.a. daily interest rate when they do wallet transactions beginning March 7, 2023.

My Money. My Bank. My Way.”

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) 2021 Financial Inclusion Survey shows that 80% of adult Filipinos have smartphones. About 54% of people have a formal bank account, and 36% of those people use an e-wallet. Only 37% of adult Filipinos have money saved up. Maya was sure that this number would go up as digital banking and payments became easier to use.

Maya’s push is also helped by its “My Money. My Bank. My Way” marketing campaign with Soberano, which has changed the game. As Maya’s Brand Ambassador, Soberano helped come up with the company’s new marketing campaign. This was different from traditional celebrity endorsements and changed the way financial services are marketed.

As Chief Advocacy Officer, Soberano will work with Maya to promote financial inclusion and lead key initiatives. They will start with a joint activity for Save the Children, whose ambassador Liza has been since 2021. Save the Children is the world’s largest independent organization for children. At the same time, she will help drive Maya’s advocacy agenda, from their product roadmap to their company culture.

“I’m excited for everyone to level up their banking experience with me through Maya because I love using their app. On top of that, working with Maya truly feels like a level up for me – it’s a joy to collaborate with them creatively, and I’m excited for the professional challenge of becoming their Chief Advocacy Officer,” Soberano said.  

Liza Soberano, Chief Advocacy Officer

“The partnership with Liza hopes to communicate that it is about time for Filipinos to make bigger and bolder financial decisions with the help of game-changing innovations. We’re spearheading the industry’s evolution as we make digital banking a breakthrough experience for all,” said Pepe Torres, Maya Chief Marketing Officer.  

Pepe Torres, Maya Chief Marketing Officer

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