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SureServ microfinance mobile app for healthcare use launched in the PH!

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How would you like a mobile app that gives you access to a credit line that is reserved exclusively for your medical expenses?

Recently, a way for people who don’t have bank accounts to get access to a credit line was launched.

SureServ provides a credit line to borrowers through the SureServ mobile app. The borrower can use this credit line to pay for necessary medical expenses, such as vaccines, services at a clinic or hospital, and medications, which they can get through SureServ’s network of merchant and physician partners.

SureServ held its media launch recently, gathering partner merchants and industry leaders to offer them a first look at the Philippines’ first micro-finance app for healthcare. 

SureServ President & Founder Johnny Bondoc described the app as a “much-needed healthcare modernization for hardworking Filipinos” by the all-Filipino company.

Since it started in 2019, SureServ has helped employees from private companies who work in Manufacturing, Manpower, Retail, SME, and BPO. When the pandemic hit in 2020, this revolutionary idea showed that everyone should be able to easily get the high-quality health care they need.

SureServ created a closed-loop system that was the first of its kind in the country. Members from corporations, employee beneficiaries, service providers, and partners can use the healthcare credit line app to make transactions that are easy and safe. People can get help from this app right away, especially when they need it, and pay back the amount by having it taken out of their paychecks. This makes the whole credit system efficient and easy.

SureServ dream: accessible credit line for Filipinos

With Partner merchants that cover the whole country and well-known doctors, Sureserv can now serve more businesses and their employees. These businesses and their employees all want to make it easy for their employees to get health care, which will lead to a healthier future for Filipinos.

Bondoc remarked, “…this opportunity to uplift our kababayans’ healthcare and financial situation is too good of a mission to not pursue, that we simply need to say, ‘why not.’ The SureServ solution is simply too good, too helpful. We need to pursue this mission. Why not!

SureServ is happy to say that a number of merchant partners came to the SureServ Media Launch and spoke about how reliable and trustworthy SureServ services are. These partners included medical clinic and diagnostic laboratory partners of SureServ: Dr. Sally Gaspar, Vice President and Medical Director of Aventus Medical Care, Inc.; Mr. Jan Denton Chua, CEO of Healthcube; Ms. Donabelle Palisoc, Assistant Manager for Sales and Marketing of MyHealth; Mr. Carlos Valdez, National Sales Manager of New World Diagnostics; medical hospital: Mr. Lynard Longcop, Head of Business Development and Marketing of Capitol Medical Center; specialty medical doctor: Dr. Lemuel Delos Reyes of LDR

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