Second Generation Moto 360 Review

Moto 360 Review

I have so many good words to say about the second-generation smartwatch from Motorola. So hang in there as we present our Moto 360 Review.

Just over a month ago, Motorola through Lenovo Philippines invited us over for an intimate launch of the smartwatch. Three SKU’s were introduced to the market. A sports series having three colors to choose from, a rose gold and the one that has cognac leather.

We had four weeks to try and use the watch. And like we said, we only have good words about it. Let us start by saying that it feels like a real watch. But since it is a smart device, we also enjoyed a list of benefits and some features that make it fun to use.

The Packaging

It is not a cheap smart device, to begin with. Motorola made an effort that when you swipe that credit card of yours, the item in exchange for the purchase should look good. You get immediately excited to unbox it and look forward to flaunting it and spend the whole night figuring how to impress you girl the next day.

Moto 360 Packaging

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The Moto 360 has a nice packaging and should you decide to purchase one for your loved one, you know that the recipient will be very glad about it.

Build and design

It looks like a real watch. It feels like a real one, hands down.

Moto 360 Design

Sealed on a stainless steel body and sandwiched by a glass with the top protected by a Gorilla Glass 3, you are secured and you will feel secure in most of those unexpected bumps. You know that your watch is scratch-free.

There is only one button that acts as a wake-up button and brings up the settings menu when a long press is applied.

Rear Glass Moto 360

The other glass at the bottom makes way to the wireless charging of the watch. It is also the sensor that monitors your vital stats and sync it over to the app called MotoBody

When you use the Moto 360 regularly, it will collect vital statistics of your body to MotoBody. And it will track your daily activity such as the number of steps you made, how long you run and your heart rate. Optionally, you can have this report e-mailed to you, say on a weekly basis.

These stats are available and regularly synced to the app. It is at your own disposal if you want to monitor your progress.

Moto 360 OS: Androidwear

The Moto 360 runs is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 with 1.2Ghz quad-core CPU with  512MB of RAM and comes with 4G internal storage. The show is handled by the OS for smart devices called Android wear.

The Operation  of the watch is quite smooth. It is easy to navigate thanks to the touch screen feature of the device. Once you customized your own settings, you can leave the watch to do its function: as a watch and a smart device.

On initial setup, it will require you sync the device to your smartphone through AndroidWear app. It will sync your account which will take a little while. A good three minutes will be consumed here.

You can choose to monitor notifications of your favorite apps from the watch. As for me, I check my SMS on it. I’ve chosen to monitor Facebook notifications and voice call logs as well.

Wireless charging

Fast charging. Yep! Within 1 hour, using the provided cradle, your Moto 360 will be fully charged. The cradle uses a micro USB cable that can be attached to a laptop or a wall charger. The package has these accessories included.

Wireless charging moto 360

We suggest that you put this cradle in your table near your laptop. So that anytime you remove your watch, you just put it put it in the cradle.

led moto 360

A LED light indicator appears during charging. A digital clock is also displayed including the percentage of the charging progress.

Watch faces: unlimited

The AndroidWear app provides the user with options like changing watch faces. Now you can match the watch face with your outfit of the day (OOTD). There are several watch faces that come free, but if you need some of those really good looking and has a premium design, you have to pay. It won’t break the bank, don’t worry.

watch faces moto 360

You can also change watch face from the watch itself. Long press on the current display and the choices of watch faces will be made available.

free watch faces moto 360

So, with only one physical watch, you can mix and match your attire with watch faces. This is actually more economical than buying five watches to wear daily.

Connected device

There is one question that I asked myself before using the Moto 360 as a smart device. Do I need another device to monitor the notifications from my apps installed on my smartphone? Plus, I can also check the same from my laptop.

But after a week of using it, I realized that it is really smarter to have it on my wrist. I can view received SMS, check Facebook notifications and other that I set.

The Google Contacts is also synced, therefore I can dial from the Moto 360 and then pick up my phone to continue the call.

Battery life

Two days. But to enjoy a 48-hour battery life of the Moto 360, you have to turn off the feature called “Always On”. When this feature is disabled, the display of the watch turns off after a few seconds, therefore battery is conserved.

As mentioned earlier, the Moto 360 has fast charging feature. And our advice is to keep the cradle on your table so that anytime you remove the watch from your wrist, you just have to put it back to the cradle.

If you disconnect the watch from your smartphone and use it as a normal watch only.


So far the Moto 360 is the best smartwatch available in the market today. Although TAG Heuer is already here, but the price tag of their smartwatch is not for everybody. The Moto 360 is a normal watch, but with its smartwatch features becomes more attractive and productive as well.

Moto 360 OOTD

At the end of the day, I only have one issue with a smartwatch, including the Moto 360. Generally, I don’t want another device that is battery-powered that runs our of juice after 48 hours or so.  We all carry an average of two (2) smartphones nowadays and because battery life is always the problem. You need another device to prolong the battery life of that device. This problem is addressed by having a power bank in another pocket.

If smartwatch manufacturers can find ways to get their watches work like the classic Quartz or Automatic watches, then everybody will get one. No more charging every now and then.

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