LG G5 Review: Brave, Innovative and Gorgeous

One hundred twenty days after the official arrival of LG G5 in the country, and are now ready to  share  our thoughts about how brave the brand to disrupt the industry by introducing a modular Android device. We present to you the LG G5 Review.

But our real challenge is how do we present a ducky article about a device that had been bombarded with negative reports since it made an appearance on the market.

Is LG G5 an ugly phone to start with? Is the performance lousy? Is two-camera system a disappointment? Let’s find out.

LG G5 Design

LG G5 Design and Build

This is a flagship device and when you label it as such, your customer including a group of people who will not actually buy it has high expectations.

The G5 is the first device from LG that comes with the ambition to introduce “modular” parts. You can remove the bottom part and add modular parts and the G5 transforms into something else. HiFi audio device or a”dedicated” DSLR-like camera.

LG said the body of the G5 is made of metal. That is correct, but somehow the finishing is the one that lacks premium touch. It feels like plastic.

LG G5 Metal back

Software and UI

Out of the box, the G5 is already on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and LG’s UI called Optimus UX 5.0 is on top of the show. It has very minimum alteration to the stock OS but it works smoothly with no known errors during our review.

lg g5 ui

The G5 uses on-screen buttons which are customizable as well. I personally liked compared to capacitive buttons because it is immediately visible to the eyes.

lg g5 ui

The setting menu is well organized and neat. The contacts and phone dialer provides neat easy navigation as well.

Modular: Bravery

You must be very brave to introduce something new to your brand. When everybody applauded all the previous models of the G series, the G5 came to life with a “modular” thing. You can add modules and the G5 convert into a new device.

lg g5 modular

You can add, or shall I say, spend on another accessory that you attach to the G5 such as the Cam Plus and the HiF+.

My only comment on this feature is that it would have been better if LG implemented a hot-swapping methodology.

Camera: Innovative

LG introduced two cameras at the back. One is a 16MP with an opening of F/1.8 and the other is an 8MP camera with F/2.4 wide angle lens. A laser Autofocus is there to assist fast captures and a dual LED flash to assist the photographer on a low-light scenario. The rear camera can record 2160p@30fps video.

The front camera has 8MP with F/2.0 opening. It can record full HD video as well.

I am sold out with the results of the images captured by all cameras attached to the G5.

Here are samples to prove that claim. All images are resized to fit on this blog. No other post-processing applied here.

16MP F/1.8 rear camera

8MP F/2.4 wide angle camera.

Take a look at the lower left of the second image. You will see that my finger is captured too. So you have to be extra careful in using the wide angle camera.

The images presented above shows how sharp the camera of the G5. Real colors of the subject gets reproduced as well.

Here are some more shots of the G5.

lg g5 wide angle

g5 low light

Standard 16MP F/1.8 lens.

8MP wide angle shot.

There are other camera options and filters you can use such as this film simulation I used in the image above.

And the front camera is love! We looked good in this photo below, especially me. LOL!

(Never mind the photo bombers, hehe!)

Performance, Battery & Fingerprint scanner

Everything you need on a flagship device is provided with the G5. A powerful Snapdragon 820 with 4G of RAM. Do you need more? All these provided me with only smooth operation, no hiccups, no lags.

But wait . . .

I observed some heating issues here and there. I noticed this during taking photos.

The power management of G5 is also commendable. With mobile internet turned on, it lasted about 10 hours. On WiFi it would extend up to 14 hours.

The quick charging feature is also a plus. Within almost two hours, the 2,800mAH battery is fully charged.

The fingerprint scanner that doubles as power button provided me with a very good performance too. I’ve registered both my left and right index finger. I can unlock the phone using any position possible.

Overall performance is superb.

Always On: Minor but cute

Always On is a feature that displays little things when the G5 is in standby mode. It is customizable as well like you can certain text to appear there. The recent notification also appears there below the current date.

It is cute but I think LG can improve this feature in the next version.


It is not a bad phone. All the bashing are connected to the change implemented by LG to the G5. The metal finish that looks like plastic is the only thing I noticed that should not be repeated in the next flagship. The heating issue can be resolved I supposed and the modular technology must get an upgrade in the G6.

The speakers of the G5 is loud. It can fill an entire room. The quality is also commendable, it does not crack when volume is maxed out.

The LG G5 is nice to hold in the hands. It is very thin and light. Very easy to use and the cameras gave me an outstanding result.


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