Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch Review



Smartwatches are getting cheaper in today’s market.

It used to be expensive and spectacular, a few years back, but today you can buy better, more wearable versions without paying soaring prices.

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But not the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch.

The retail price of the Koala NeoFlex smartwatch is only P2,890.00, and it can be an ideal choice for a smartwatch that is not only affordably priced but also offers a great deal of value as a result of its many different features.

If you’re a passionate Apple Watch fan. The Koala NeoFlex truly is what it purports to be. Although there are differences in terms of size, the location of the button, and the wrist band, it is easy to mix the two up.

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Koala NeoFlex specs & features

1.69-inch HD Full Touch Screen
240×280 pixels
Android 5.0 and above
iOS 10 and later
Version 5.0
220 mAh
Up to 5 days regular usage
About 27 grams
About 2 hours
20mm Replaceable Strap
1 NeoFlex Smartwatch, 1 Koality Assurance Card, 1 User Manual, 1 USB Charging Dock

Features I love about Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch

Upon configuration through the JYouPro Android app (which is free to download from Google Play Store, you can make use of features that really works.

The UI is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

👉 Can make voice calls & listen to audio playbacks

Yup! The answer is yes; phone calls can be made from a watch. You can also listen to the audio of your favorite Tiktokers and Facebook videos while watching them.

The sound isn’t very impressive, but it gets the job done.

👉 It can read your blood pressure

Yes, sir! For middle-aged people who are likely to check on their blood pressure regularly, the Koala NeoFlex can also do the job.

Aside from reading your blood pressure, like the other smartwatches, it can also read your heart rate, the number of steps you make, and measures the quality of sleep you have.

👉 Remote Selfie

Group photos are no longer challenging because the smartwatch has a remote selfie feature. Just make sure the camera is positioned well and subjects are framed properly, taking photos is just a click away from the watch.

👉 Find my phone

Can’t find your phone? Use the Koala NeoFlex feature called “Search Phone” to locate your phone. Your watch will play a sound so with your phone. Handy, right?

👉 It has a calculator!

It has an Apple-inspired calculator installed! A very useful feature when you need to do a quick calculation, especially when your phone is not in your pocket to do the job.

👉 The charging case is very secure

Of all the smartwatches we reviewed here at Tech Patrol, the Koala NeoFlex’s charging case is one of those that I like the most. It is very secure and you know that the watch won’t detach easily during charging.


If you are considering getting a new wristwatch or if you are looking for a smartwatch to give as a present to another person, you might think about getting the Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch. There is no doubt that the recipient will definitely love it.

The Koala NeoFlex Smartwatch comes with all of the perks that come with using a smartwatch, and it can be purchased for the affordable price of P2,890. This is the initial price, and it is possible that it will go even lower from there depending on the specials or promotions that are being provided by online merchants. You are getting a considerable amount of features in return for not having to pay an increased price, which is certainly a fantastic deal.

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