LG Philippines celebrates the launch of Netflix’s new original Korean drama-killer “Kingdom”

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LG Philippines has again partnered with Netflix to showcase the latest Korean drama-thriller “Kingdom” on the LG B8 4K OLED TV.

LG B8 OLED TV 2019On January 25, 2019, that’s today, Netflix will start to air a contagious case of binge-watch fever as it launches its newest original Korean series “Kingdom”.

The “Kingdom” series is set in Korea’s ancient Joseon Period that follows the journey of a crown prince sent on a suicide mission to investigate a gruesome plague spreading inside the kingdom — only to find zombies threatening his reign and his people.

LG Philippines took the launch to the next level by partnering once more with Netflix. LG Philippines is also delighted to share this existing milestone with some of the country’s popular personalities as brand ambassadors, such as James Deakin, LA Tenorio, Gil Cuerva and Bb. Pilipinas Nicole Cordoves.

LG Philippines recently launched its 30th Anniversary TV — the OLED B8 4K TV — and it’s the best way to give justice to the thrill and experience of “Kingdom” and its mind-blowing cinematic appeal.

The LG OLED B8 4K TV is now available in the Philippines with a price tag of P89,991. At this price, you also get a six (6) months free Netflix access.


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