ACE TV 43-inch LED TV Black (LED-909) Review

In terms of media consumption, I still prefer a TV over smartphones even if today’s phones have really large and fantastic colors. But the size of the TV isn’t comparable. 

The ACE TV 43-inch LED TV Black (LED-909) is one of the affordable TV available on Shopee.

ACE TV 43-inch Review

ACE TV 43-inch (LED-909) Specs

  • Display Resolution – Full HD (1080p)
  • Power Consumption – 60 watts
  • Power Input – 220 Volts AC
  • LED TV Features – USB 2 x 2, can read MP4 and JPG files
  • LED TV Connection – VGA, HDMI, AV and 3.5mm Audio Output
  • Dimension: 96.7 cm x 56 cm x 59.7 cm

ACE TV 43-inch (LED-909) Price

This model has an SRP of P23,000 but it is currently on sale on Shopee for only P8,099. That’s a huge 65% off.


Unboxing ACE TV 43-inch LED 909

Design and build

The TV is made of low-cost materials. You can easily identify this by running your fingers around the corners of the TV. You’ll immediately differentiate a high-end TV versus an affordably priced one.

The physical buttons, if used frequently, might wear out easily. That’s why there’s a functional remote control.

ACE TV Remote Control

ACE TV has included a generic battery for the remote which, by past experience, would last more or less 10 months of usage.

ACE TV Review from Shopee

In terms of colors, the TV has satisfactory colors, and surprisingly, we observe no viewing angle issue. 

The audio is decent as well. There is no much sense in the on-screen menu. I mean, even if you adjust a lot of things like bass, treble, etc.. It seems that there is no change. But the audio is quite acceptable for us.

Response time is fast. That means when you press a key from the remote, the TVs response is fast.

Is ACE TV 43-inch LED TV from Shopee a good buy?

The answer depends on how you consume content at home. 

In the intro of this article, I told you that I am a TV guy. I like video playbacks on a large screen, even if I have a large display of smartphones on-hand.

We have another TV in our bedroom the same as the size of the ACE TV on this review. But the one in our bedroom is a Smart TV.

I’ll tell you a quick story.

We’ve never used the functionality of the “Smart TV”. Because it’s Operating System is outdated already and the apps pre-installed in that TV are not user friendly.

Our most useful “add-on” device to the TV is the Google Chromecast. (Which you can also buy from Shopee).

Google Chromecast made our lives easier.

We can stream any content we like. Be it YouTube, NetFlix, or any other streaming services available.

The same approach we used with the ACE TV from Shopee.

The installed Google Chromecast is shared by everybody at home. Anybody who is connected to the WiFi Network has access to the TV. 

Final thoughts

I know that the 43-inch ACE TV is a budget TV. That’s a given. That’s why all the “budget” materials used are accepted.

ACE TV Review

The TV delivers what it is expected to deliver. A quality display, good colors, respectable audio playback, and functional remote control.

What could be a better additional feature to the TV that ACE would have installed is a ISDB-T receiver. The TV uses a conventional antenna which means it receives an analog TV signal.  For people who don’t have the internet at home, the digital receiver would have been a good option because there are many FREE TV channels that are already broadcasting in the digital channels.

Did we miss anything? 

Share your thoughts in the comments section and we’ll answer them. 



ACE TV 43 inch Review

Design - 85%
Display - 90%
Viewing Angle - 97%
Audio clarity - 92%
Price - 100%



User Rating: 4.05 ( 1 votes)

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