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Tablets are one of the gadgets that have been overlooked or underutilized in recent years, particularly in the Android market. This is most likely due to cost and the fact that smartphones already have large screens. However, after using the OPPO Pad Air, the focus of this review, for a few days, I believe I can reconsider this for some special needs.

oppo pad air review philippines

Welcome to Tech Patrol and here are my thoughts (review) about the OPPO Pad Air.


The initial impressions and unboxing details including the specs are in this article.

oppo pad air review philippines

But in case you don’t want to leave this page, the SRP (price) of the OPPO Pad Air in the Philippines is P13,999. And you can check out OPPO’s official store on Shopee to order one. So there you go, that answers the question “Is OPPO Pad Air available in the Philippines?”

Design & Build Quality

If you’ve ever owned an OPPO smartphone, you’re definitely aware of how the company is careful about the design and build quality of every product it brings to market. The OPPO Pad Air is one of those products that was thoroughly tested before being released to the market.

oppo pad air review philippines

It has flawlessly covered buttons, dual speakers, a 2-pc volume rocker, a USB Type-C port, and a rear camera module, making it appear as though it is a larger version of a smartphone.

You may expect a high-end plastic structure when it comes to the product’s build quality. The iPad Air served as an inspiration for the design of the edges. However, when you run your fingertips around it, it has a really smooth texture.

The camera bump of the 8MP rear camera might distract you. So I advise you to look for a protective case immediately to protect not only the camera but the entire tablet.


The OPPO Pad Air has 10.36-inch 2K display, 2000 x 1200 pixel resolution, 225ppi. This answers the question “What is the screen resolution of Oppo Pad Air?”

The default skin seems a little plain. It’s designed with muted tones. However, the Personalizations option allows for adjustments such as changing the font size, color, and background to make the experience more tailored to the individual user.

In my unboxing post, I said that you can use this gadget for fun or for serious business.

Since I use the OPPO Pad Air mostly for technical analysis related to my cryptocurrency trading, I find that the tablet performs best in landscape orientation.

I enjoy watching videos on YouTube while I make charts. The same orientation is employed.

Everything looks fine when seen head-on. When the tablet is tilted to the left of a right angle, the image quality slightly degrades.

My workaround for this is to use the dark theme whenever I need to create charts. No real options exist for enhancing video playback.

But that’s not a deal breaker by any means. The situation isn’t as bad as it could be, though.


To help me get things done, the 2.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 octa-core processor coupled with 4GB RAM is there to munch multiple apps running at the same time.

There’s also a huge battery with 7100mAh non-removable battery that is partnered by an 18W fast charging to make refilling the battery fast.

All these worked smoothly for my tasks. I can switch to YouTube, TradingView, and Chrome with several tabs without any issues at all.


We have come to the end of the OPPO Pad Air Review.

Should you spend P13,999 on this tablet?

Check pricing on OPPO Store on Shopee!

oppo pad air review philippines

I say yes, if…

You have not used any tablet in the last few years. And if you are like me who has needs, especially on monitoring charts for technical analysis, and for quickie entertainment such as watching videos on YouTube. The 10-inch tablet will be of great help for these requirements.

This is also a good upgrade compared to the iPad without having to spend lots of money.

Also, if you are an Android user, it will be easy to sync all your apps to the tablet without any compatibility issues.

I say no, if..

It does not fit your budget. If media consumption in your home is mostly done on smart TV; and you have enough phone with large displays.

So, to conclude this OPPO Pad Air Review, and to complete the phrase “The table that’s best for…” This is for somebody that is trading stocks & cryptocurrency and always on the go. Because you won’t need that large screen to get the benefit of analyzing your intra-day trades.

OPPO Pad Air Review Summary

Design - 9.5
Display - 8.8
Functionality - 9.7
Performance - 9.1
Price - 9
User Rating: Be the first one !

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