SweetEscape Online Photography Service reaches PH; Hire the best Local Photographer anytime, anywhere

Founded by David Soong, an Indonesian startup fellow, who is a professional photographer himself, SweeEscape was born to fuel the  Freelance Economy.

In photo: (L-R) The author, Anjie Delos Reyes of TeknoGadyet, Bam Amor of Adobotech, SweetEscape founder David Soong and Ignes Dea, PR Manager.

Sweet Escape is both a web and app-based service for people who want their photos to be professional-grade.

Launched in 2016, SweetEscape, the photographer booking-app, spreads its wings to the acclaimed selfie capital of the world to grow its market.

With tens of thousands of clients and a network of more than 2,000 photographers across 400+ cities around the world, SweetEscape will have a dedicated local team and market-specific promotions to provide even better service for the Filipinos.

“Starting last year, we saw an organic growth in the Philippines market, catching up with Indonesia. As the second biggest market in South East Asia, Philippines became our first choice for global expansion,” said David Soong, Founder and CEO of SweetEscape.

SweeEscape is the Uber of Photographers.

If you are traveling to a certain city, browse to that specific city found on SweetEscape app or website, you’ll find the best photographer in that city.

You can book that local photographer and leave the creative shots and professional-grade photos you ever want.

Using your major credit card as a payment facility, you can book a service for as low as USD300.

To maximize this cost, it is better when shared with friends or family members.

You can also book a photographer in different time slots.

This is best for pre-nuptial photo shoots. The best part is, Sweet Escape does not limit the number of persons in the photo shoot.

So sharing the cost can be maximized.

Sweet Escape Philippine Edition

With SweetEscape, getting a professional photographer for different occasions is now easier and more affordable.

Clients do not have to spend a long time doing desktop research to find the right photographer. The app allows clients to book a 2-hour photo session anywhere, anytime in the world, in less than 2 minutes. Clients can meet their local photographer in the city they scheduled and download the color edited photos in less than 3 business days through the desktop or mobile application.

Earn with SweetEscape as a Photographer

If you are a hobbyist. You shoot at your own leisure time, but you want to earn from your passion, the time is now.

Become a SweetEscape Photographer.

Show ’em what you got!

The application has a process, but you start with a few easy steps.

Head on to Sweet Escape website, or go directly to their photographer application page and fill up the form.

It is important that you input a valid e-mail address, your phone number and at least the latest shots you got in your portfolio.

The SweetEscape team will contact you later on if you passed the application.


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