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The Pokémon Company is pleased to announce that the latest trailer for the Nintendo Switch software Pokémon Legends: Arceus has now been made available! Fans of the Pokemon franchise can view the trailer below:

Furthermore, with the addition of face-down frantic Pokémon aristocrats, Pokémon Legends: Arceus has become even more fascinating! X

Lords and ladies are two different categories of exceptional Pokémon in Hisui, and they are Pokémon that have power far beyond that of regular Pokémon. Lords and ladies are Pokémon that have power far beyond that of regular Pokémon. These noble Pokémon are held in high regard by the residents of the region. Then there’s this bizarre thing that’s making people freak out and run about like crazy. The exact reason for these instances, on the other hand, remains a mystery to this day. Once they become enraged, these Pokémon are extremely difficult to control, which compels the people of Hisui to seek assistance from the Galaxy Expedition Team for assistance. When serving as a member of the Survey Corps, players will be called upon to quell the frenzies of the nobility, and there are numerous ways to accomplish this.

Being defeated in a Pokémon combat will not be sufficient to calm them. Players must use their talents and hit the furious Pokémon with balms prepared from the aristocratic Pokémon’s favorite meals in order to calm them down.

Players must now maintain their vigilance because the nobility will continue to unleash strong attacks on them. As players wait for an opportunity to launch a counter-offensive, they must become familiar with the nobles’ movements and attacks, as well as how to dodge their strikes efficiently. When the opportunity presents itself, gamers must saturate them with as many balms as they possibly can! The medicines will fly more accurately if they are directed attentively before they are thrown at the nobility, just like they do when throwing a Poké Ball.

In order to take advantage of the aristocrats’ vulnerability, gamers must initiate a Pokémon battle at the appropriate time. A battle will begin when a player throws a Poké Ball containing one of the Pokémon. Even while nobles are powerful adversaries, defeating them in combat will cause them to become briefly bewildered, making it simpler for players to hit them with further balms and take the upper hand! When confronted with this lord and lady Pokémon, the players’ reflexes and abilities will undoubtedly be put to the test!

Keep a lookout for Kleavor! Scyther evolved into this Pokémon due to materials present in Hisui. Parts of its body are stone. Kleavor with several battles will have bigger chipping across their bodies. The chipping sharpens the stone components, improving their slicing strength. It is reported that the Hisui used stone from Kleavor to make implements.

Then there are the wardens who service the special Pokémon, whom the Hisui people revere. Wardens are in charge of these Pokémon. The wardens are expected to protect the special Pokémon by patrolling their territory and providing food and water as needed.

Mai is the first warden the players will meet. She is in charge of an Obsidian Fieldlands Wyrdeer. She and her companion, Munchlax, grew up as siblings.

Lian is the Obsidian Fieldlands’ lord’s warden. He is a talented young man who has been made a warden. He admires Kleavor for its strength and coolness.

Iscan, the warden, lives by the sea and looks over a unique Basculegion. He is a kind man, despite his shyness. But he’s easily scared and dislikes Ghost-type Pokémon.

Warden Arezu is recognized for her zest. As a warden, she feels a lot of responsibility and often tries to address problems alone. She is in charge of a certain Pokémon lady.

Players can race over vast, untamed landscapes while riding Pokémon in this adventure! After accepting the player’s merit, some of Hisui’s special Pokémon will provide a hand. The Celestica Flute, a mystery instrument passed down through centuries of Hisui’s people, will also be given to players. The Celestial Flute allows users to call these unique Pokémon for a ride wherever they are. Riders will be able to go faster on land, across bodies of water, and even soar through the skies. These Pokémon can let players freely explore the Hisui region by broadening the types of terrain they can cross. Wyrdeer, Basculegion, and Hisuian Braviary are the names of these unique Pokémon.

More details on this information and updates can be found in the fact sheet below


  1. ​The latest trailer for Pokémon Legends: Arceus has been released!
  2. Special Pokémon that have been blessed with a mysterious power
  3. Facedown frenzied Pokémon nobles!
  4. The wardens who serve the special Pokémon
  5. Race across a sprawling, untamed landscapes while riding Pokémon!
  6. Explore the vast environment, and study the Pokémon that live in it
  7. Check out the facilities of your home base, Jubilife Village
  8. Your Arc Phone will be your guide 

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