QCY Q29 Pro Mini In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review

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Want a fashionably elegant and sophisticated earphone? In Lazada, online seller Hellotronics offered an affordable yet classy bluetooth pair of earpieces, the QCY Q29 Pro Mini. This is a very portable kind of earphones that conveniently enables the user to listen wirelessly on many kinds of smartphones.

QCY Q29 Pro Mini
QCY Q29 Pro Mini retail box

Inside the materialistic recyclable box, we have the charging dock, USB cable, extra earbuds, user manual and a silicon paper with a quick guide on using the wireless earphone.

QCY Q29 Pro Mini
QCY Q29 Pro Mini retail package


  • Brand name: QCY Q29 Pro Mini
  • Distance: 5-10 m
  • Bluetooth: v4.2
  • Profiles: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP
  • Functions: Answer/end, music play/pause, noise isolating
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Standby time: 30 hours
  • Battery: 45 mAh (each earbud); 220 mAh (charging dock)
  • Weight: 10.6 grams (each earphone)
  • Package weight: 100 grams
  • Product size: 17 x 25 x 29 mm
  • Charging case size: 70 x 32 x 28 mm
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • Price: P1,899

Design and build

The charging dock is designed very well. The earbuds are firmly placed and both have an alluring design in an oval-shaped. It is made of a rubber feel plastic while the front is kinda glossy with the QCY logo in the center. Each of the earbuds has a button in the center, that allows to accept or reject calls and play or pause a song. It also features an integrated microphone that we can connect either the L or R earbud, and use it as a mono when taking calls.

Using the QCY Q29 Pro Mini fits nice in our ears and we don’t have any issues with it. To summarize, it’s very comfortable.

Inside the charging dock of QCY Q29 Pro Mini wireless earphones

Steps in pairing the earphones (Stereo):

  • For first time user, kindly tear off the stickers on both earbuds.
  • Put the earbuds in the charging case to activate it.
  • Once fully charged, hold both the MFB (multi-functional button) for three seconds at the center of the earbuds to turn on (a white LED blinks)
  • Hold again both the MFB for another 3-5 seconds and it will blink red and white.
  • Double-tap the MFB to enter the Earbuds pairing mode.
  • Wait for them to auto pair (LED will blink red and white).
  • Hold the MFB on the Earbud (R) to pair via cellphone.
  • On the cellphone, connect the Earbud (R) via Bluetooth.
  • Afterwards, power on the other Earbud (L) to auto-pair with Earbud (R).

Audio Quality

As a music lover, the QCY Q29’s audio quality is surprisingly awe-inspiring. The bass can be heard. It’s not that too strong and we found that the volume is quite powerful. A distortion is noticeably obvious when we push the volume to its maximum level, but for the price, we never complain.

Battery Life

The 45 mAh battery for each earbud gives an average size in a wireless earphone. In short, the QCY Q29 Pro Mini has only 3.5 hours of music playback time, that some people might worry, but with the help of its charging case that is made by plastic, it can lengthen the battery time by 12 hours from its 220 mAh capacity. To charge the case, a USB port is located at the back with an indicator on the right to find if it’s already charged.

QCY Q29 Pro Mini
The MFB will turn red while the earbuds are in charging mode
Charging dock also has an indicator
The charging dock turns blue once fully refilled


With the rising of Apple AirPods in the market that delivers a good audio quality, the desire to have something of the same reasoning in a more affordable section, the QCY Q29 Pro Mini steps in. These are completely wireless earphones, no cables included but the case is something really good of having it. It adds the battery life of each earbud and can be used outside of our house.

Overall, the QCY Q29 Pro is satisfyingly good in our hands. Audio quality is great, the design is attractive

QCY Q29 Pro Mini


  • Ergonomic design
  • Extra earbuds
  • Charging case
  • Incredibly good audio quality
  • Easy to handle


  • Average battery life
  • Clarity could be better
  • Price


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