realme Philippines pays tribute to couriers in a heartwarming video

In a touching video showing a father’s sacrifices for his family in the midst of a tough year, realme Philippines, the country’s top 1 smartphone brand, pays tribute to all hard-working delivery staff and resilient Filipino workers. The special tribute video premiered yesterday on the official Facebook page of the realme Philippines.

realme tribute video

Link to the tribute video here.

This heartwarming tribute, inspired by a true story, illustrates the frequently neglected but vital role of delivery riders in ensuring the mobility of goods and the continuous revenue flow in the new normal for business establishments. It also brings to light the struggles of employees who were furloughed during this year’s onslaught of many calamities.

“Filipinos are some of the most hardworking people around the world — and every form of labor in these trying times must be lauded. Among these are the delivery riders who allowed many of us to receive essential goods and services at the safety of our homes. realme celebrates the valiant work of couriers from all over the country as they brave the roads daily. Saludo po kami sa inyong lahat,” shares realme Philippines VP for Marketing Austine Huang.

The story of the video revolves around a man who had to find an alternate source of income to provide for his family, as he is one of the many Filipinos who in recent months have been cut off from their day-to-day employment following economic challenges.

This brand initiative is the highlight of the exclusive #realmeWithYou Christmas campaign, a range of discounts, unique deals, and realm-time Christmas season events. Not just to deliver the best offers in digital lifestyle items, but also this yuletide season’s best pledge to a smartphone brand.

Fans are encouraged to follow the official Facebook and Instagram pages of realme Philippines for more information on the aforementioned campaign and for real-time notifications from the number one smartphone brand in the Philippines.

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