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Rode VideoMic Me initial review

On July 13, 2015, following the rebranding of Tech Patrol News from the original name of Digital Spidey, we also expanded our reach through creating YouTube videos. In the course of recording videos, we only utilize smartphones and the free video editing software iMovie for Mac. While most of the videos look good, the audio becomes a raising concern. We wanted a clearer and crisp audio in our videos until we learned about Rode VideoMic Me.

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Before we proceed with our main topic, allow us to thank you all for your support in our growing YouTube channel. We now have almost 700 subscribers with almost 280k views. As of this posting, we already produced 81 videos.

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Introducing Rode VideoMic Me

RODE VideoMic Me Philippines

In our latest unboxing video, we featured Rode’s Video Mic Me, a directional mic specially designed for iPhone and iPad.

It is so because the audio port of these iOS devices is located opposite of their cameras, while most of the Android smartphone’s audio ports are located on top of the device where the camera is located too.

RODE VideoMic Me

Now since it uses the 3.5mm jack, it will also fit in most of the Android phones.

We tested it with Xiaomi Mi4i and luckily it works like magic! The mic is not seen on the video thanks to the not so wide lens of the phone.

VideoMic Me on Xiaomi Mi4i

We proceeded to record a video with the VideoMic Me on-board.

Here’s our unboxing video of the VideoMic Me using the mic itself.

As far as the latest video we uploaded, we noticed an improvement in the voice over audio. There is now lesser noise and a clear voice is observed.

Rode VideoMic Me price and availability

The challenge upon looking up an item like this is where to buy. I have tried Lazada and it showed several listings of Rode products but VideoMic me is not on the list. I’ve searched Facebook groups and I failed.

I chanced upon a Facebook page called Rode Mic Philippines. With only a little over 300 fans, I tried my luck and sent a private message inquiring if they have the item.

I guess that day was my lucky day, they replied and said they have it in stock.

I went to check the next day and found Kevin at their store it the mezzanine floor of Makati Cinema Square.

Crystal Audio Company is the Philippine distributor of Rode microphones. Kevin and I talked for a little while and I told him why I am buying VideoMic Me. It turned out that it is one of the fast-moving “small” items in their store. Small because Cyrstal Audio’s main business are on mid to high-end audio appliances.

[junkie-toggle title=”Crystal Audio contact details:” state=”closed”] Unit F6 Makati Square
Chino Roces ave. Pio del Pilar Makati City
Tel No. 290-5833, 834-7274
Contact Person: Kevin Malupa
E-mail: [/junkie-toggle]

[junkie-toggle title=”Rode Mic Philippines” state=”closed”]
Rode Mic Philippines Facebook:

RODE VideoMic Me cost P3,999. It is available through Cyrstal Audio Company.

Initial Verdict

Setting up the VideoMic Me is a no brainer. It is lightweight but with the help of the adjustable rubber mount, it becomes stable and the mic doesn’t move anymore.

The audio part of our video recording has improved dramatically. You can observe a clearer audio now thus there is no need to do voice more often  and record directly with VideoMic Me.

We will update this post as soon as we bring it to our coverage and record an interview and integrate it in our future YouTube videos.

Right now, I am sold out with Rode VideoMic Me. It is not a very expensive accessory yet delivers a great result.

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