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I know it is not yet Christmas time, but it is okay to make a wish list. Who knows Santa Claus comes in knocking on my door with my favorite items on the list!

So in this post, I will share the items I would love to have on Shopee’s Gadget Zone.

What is Shopee Gadget Zone?

Gadget Zone is Shopee’s electronic category which is an in-app portal. It will contain the best deals on electronic devices on Shopee. You’ll find items like smartphone, TV, laptops, and accessories.

Popular brands such as Samsung, OPPO,  Philips, and Sandisk will feature their products here.

My Gadget Zone Wish List

1. VIVO V9. Why not? When we reviewed it in April, it had a high score of 4.7/5.  And during that time the SRP is still P17,999. With Shopee’s Gadget Zone, I can score the V9 at only P14,999.

2. JBL CLIP2. Music keeps me sane. And the current price of the Clip2 in Shopee is now P1,666. What a steal!

3. AVISION 40 INCHES FULL HD TV. Would you still debate with your wife whether you will buy this or not? Oh, by the way, it comes with free bracket too.

4. MORUI ML20 20,000MAH POWERBANK. I am sure your smartphone runs out of battery, especially during the times when you needed it most. So this 20,000mAH Powerbank will keep you connected. Plus you can share the other port to your friend.

5. iPhone X 64GB Openline. Why not?! This will be my backup smartphone. ‘Nuf said.

That completes my wish list.

Guys, you can check out Gadget Zone now or you will miss deals that are so attractive.

If I were you, I’ll visit Shopee’s Gadget Zone and enjoy discounts up to P4,000 discount.

Plus, you can enjoy an additional 10% off on your purchase if you use the promo code GADGETZONE10 upon checkout.

IMPORTANT. The promo code is valid until August 17, 2018, for the first 1000 users only.


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