TouchElex Venus smartwatch review 


Smart devices will undoubtedly become a part of our everyday life. Smartwatches will be the most popular wearable since they do more than just act as a watch, especially when it comes to your health. In this article, I’ll give my thoughts on the TouchElex Venus smartwatch, a feather-light wearable with a high-resolution large screen.

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Design & build

The smartwatch is made of aluminum and is not only durable but also more fashionable. It is very thin at only 8mm making it slimmer to fit your hands and match your outfit.

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The AMOLED high-definition big screen provides a clearer field of view, smoother touches, and shows the product’s attractiveness in the details.

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The watch has a traditional wristwatch shape, which is why I liked it. There are two colors to choose from — black for men and pink for women.

The watch comes with a special USB charger that is magnetized. You only need at least 1.5 hours to fully fill up the battery and it will last for a week on your wrist.


Same as the expensive smartwatches on the market the TouchElex Venus performs with exemplary results.

All the notifications you need like drinking water, stand and do stretching, getting SMS and other Social Media notifications are there on the spot.

Watch faces are also available. There’s a lot to choose from so you can mix and match it with your outfit of the day or your current mood, so to speak.

On exercise, I personally monitored our outdoor walk and it was fantastic. I was able to record it and the result was spot on.

Battery life is also fantastic, I don’t worry if it will die soon because the promise of one-week battery life was actually true.

The best feature that really liked about this is the form factor — it is lightweight and it really resembles a standard wristwatch.

Top features

I’ve mentioned a few already, but let me list down the features that you might be interested in as well.

  • Feather-light design, high-resolution large screen.
  • 14 sport modes that accurately capture every movement. Monitor most of your favorite activities, you’ll never run out of data.
  • Monitor your heart rate changes to help you understand the long-term changes in health problems.
  • Blood oxygen monitoring that gives you consistent health care
  • Sleep monitoring that helps you achieve your sleep goals
  • Long battery life, from Monday to Sunday
  • The all-weather off-screen display function allows you to check the time even when the screen is off.
  • Quick replies on SMS can be enabled from your watch. That’s only one click away!
  • The AMOLED display makes the field of vision clearer.

Where to buy?

The good news is you can buy this from Shopee. That means you can have it delivered to any part of the country anytime. Click the link below.

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