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Crucial Facts to Survive in the Online Game

Whenever a new game has arrived, online games fanatics get crazy. Especially it is always been so exciting for avid video game players when every online game has come into another series or chapter. The online games improvements are about either the characters improvements or arising of new ones, setting, weapons, and enemies. Practically, playing Far Cry 3 let the players experience these game elements that are ready to use on its release.

Far Cry 3 is a genre of a contemporary open world first-person shooter that means the players can modify weapons, cleverness and the approach towards every mission, whether your support is devious close-up attacks, powerful run-and-gun action, or long-range sniping. It also includes role-playing match elements including talent tree, designing scheme and experience points to boost the character level. The player has the capacity to shoot enemies at the back of various objects in a crouch manner without stirring his head up but with free hands. In this online game, the player will also have the competence to carry out assaults by performing encounter attacks from above or in crouch manner.

The creators of this online game have also revealed a patch up sneakiness mechanic as well as a possible leveling scheme based on experience points. Separately from these, playing Far Cry 3 will let the players differentiate the story mode map that will be around ten times bigger than its previous episodes. It has also been distinguished that the player will have the ability to plan and investigate their attacks with stealth takedown mishmash and take pictures with a camera as well.

The Far Cry 3 Plot

The background of Far Cry 3 online game is to be taken place in an African savanna. It returns the sequence to a tropical island situation which is similar to the first game and different from the second game. It is an uncontrollable place ruled by piracy and human depression. It is where aggression is the only positive thing to survive and run away from the strange tropical island. In playing Far Cry 3, the players will walk into the shoes of the major character, Jason Brody, a tourist who has been trapped on an island, chained in the center of violent local clash for years. He has been estranged from his girlfriend; and in his search for her, Jason will have to deal with an extensive cast of more often than not, rickety and weird characters who have been trapped on these islands earlier before him. As the online game goes all along, Jason works together with one such character named Vaas, who gives a troubling monologue in relation to the nature of insanity. Vaas will attempt to drown Jason by anchoring him to a mass of used coal and tossing him into a pool of water that is apparently been used for the same reason. The players will make do weapons from the surroundings, hack, sneak, blow up, and shoot their way transversely in the island in a world that has gone all good judgment of right and wrong.

Aside from these all, the online game Far Cry 3 also features accessories like cameras and zip line. The vehicles included are 4×4 four-door Blackhawk helicopter and Hang glider. The players can do special moves like descending, throwing of knife, shoot from cover, fire from zip line swimming and stealth combat.

In playing Far Cry 3 similar to Jason Brody, others players can use various weapons like Ak-47, Silence Pistol, .45 pistol, Machete, Knife, Dragonov, Grenade, RPG and Flamethrower. The character’s fitness regenerates but there is no health bar shown. Damage marker shows blood on the screen. The platforms of the game are PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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