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Fur baby love: In sickness and in health

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Now more than ever, Filipinos love their dogs and cats. Even the numbers back this up. According to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, here are a few interesting facts about Filipino pet parents and their pets:

  • Highest in Asia-Pacific. An impressive 67% of homes in the Philippines have one or more dogs. More dog owners are in the country than in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. Owners of cats aren’t too far behind; 43% of Filipino homes have cats.
  • By the millions. In 2020, it was found that 10.8 million dogs lived in the homes of 11.6 million dog owners in the Philippines. That number includes the 1.57 million purebred dogs that have been registered.
  • Still growing. Filipino families are getting more dogs and probably more cats as time passes. In 2022, 137,000 new furry family members were registered as dogs. This is a higher number than the 94,000 dogs added in 2020.

Just like any other member of the family, pets need to see a doctor. This isn’t easy for all households, especially those with other bills to pay. A pet owner said he once paid P39,000 to get his beloved dog out of the hospital. The dog was already old and had some health problems.

Even routine tests and procedures like blood tests, stool tests, vaccinations, neutering, spaying, and treatments for distemper, heartworm, parvovirus, and other diseases can cost thousands of pesos. Every caring and responsible pet owner will do their best to cover the costs, but it would be easier if there was a way to pay for these costs.

Healthcare for fur babies

One of these ways is pet insurance, which protects fur babies’ health, especially in emergencies when veterinary costs can go through the roof. It also protects pet owners financially because it helps pay for these costs that were not in the budget.

BDO Insure is a division of BDO Unibank wholly owned by the bank. It offers cheap and flexible insurance plans for dogs and cats. Pet owners can get pet insurance starting at P560 to cover accidents like broken bones, poisoning, or burns. Plans A to D offer insurance coverage that ranges from P15,000 to P30,000 per accident (up to five accidents).

Dogs and cats that are three months to 6 years old and are kept as house pets are eligible as long as they are not used for racing or breeding for profit. To apply, pet owners must show their pet’s immunization/vaccination record book, pet book, vet clinic, vet’s name and license number, and photos.

BDO Insure is committed to providing affordable and customizable Pet Dog and Cat Insurance options that fit the pet’s and pet owner’s lifestyle. For more information on BDO Pet Dog and Cat Insurance, visit their website at www.bdo.com.ph/bdoinsure/pet

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