BBM to shut down on May 31st

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will stop working on May 31 due to the lack of interest of the few remaining users. At the time, it was the king of instant messaging, completely overshadowed by WhatsApp.

Blackberry Messenger, which at one time was the king of instant messaging on mobile devices but struck down in record time by the dizzying adoption of WhatsApp on smartphones will stop working definitively on May 31st. A version for companies will continue to exist, but it will be paid.

Emtek – the company that acquired the rights of BBM in 2016 – through a statement, has announced that they will stop supporting the instant messaging service. They explain that the interest of users has decreased so much that it does not make sense to continue maintaining it.


“The technology industry is very fluid and despite our great efforts, users have moved to other platforms, while it has been almost impossible to attract new people, it’s hard to say goodbye but it’s time to finalize BBM support and find new ones.”

Emtek has also prepared a series of FAQs to help users find their way better. It is particularly important to note that if stickers have been purchased, you can request a refund through the Play Store or the App Store. Furthermore, from May 20 onwards it will be necessary to redeem any points accumulated, otherwise they will be lost forever. Please note that chats and multimedia content will be permanently deleted after closing the app, so be sure to save important messages.

A version of the service for companies, called BBMe will continue to work, although it is paid: $2.50 every six months, although there are solutions for small and large teams much more suitable for current times, such as Slack.

Definitely the end of an era, and a further test of how technology adoption can change from one moment to another and how companies that felt untouchable, as was the case with BlackBerry.


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