Huawei GR5 Review: A truly good looking Android device

For P11,990, Huawei brought a midrange smartphone with a premium build, the Huawei GR5. While the user interface (UI) reminds us of the Honor series, the GR5 now carries the branding of Huawei. Stay with us as we bring you our Huawei GR5 Review.

Unboxing Huawei GR5

In the package of a red box comes a pack of familiar accessories, mostly in color white — microUSB cable, earphone, wall charger, SIM ejector, an extra transparent casing and the usual reading materials such us user guide and warranty card.

Huawei GR5 accessories

Huawei GR5 Review: Design and built

The Huawei GR5 is a unibody 5.5-inch smartphone which was launched in March is a midrange device. But it has the looks of a premium device, thanks to the rose gold metal body and the well-engineered design of Huawei.


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You’ll find the buttons ergonomically located on the right side for easy access with your fingers. Both the power button and the volume rocker is on the upper right side and on the opposite location is the dual SIM tray and the microSD slot.

GR 5 Philippines

In front, you will see the 5 Megapixel (MP) camera the sensor and the loudspeaker. Down below is the Huawei logo. Huawei decided to implement an on-screen button on GR5.

GR5 camera

Flip it and it will reveal the 13 Megapixel (MP) camera with dual LED flash and autofocus feature of the camera. Right at the bottom of the camera is the fingerprint scanner. Up top are the 3.5mm audio port and a noise canceling mic.

Once you hold the GR5 in your hands, you would not think that this device is being sold by Huawei for P11,990 only.

Display and UI

You get a full HD display on the GR5, the screen is bright and you get crisp images and icons on it. No viewing angle issues, therefore, it is nice to use it in any manner you wish.

Like we mentioned earlier, the GR5 has the UI of the Honor series, so there is no app drawer, so you are bound to group your favorite apps into groups.

The pre-installed magazine covers change every time you press the power button to turn on the device. This feature is very refreshing to the eyes.

Here’s what I am trying to describe:

Gr5 ui

The rightmost image changes every time you wake up the phone.


Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is behind the show, but on top is the familiar EMUI version 3.1.

Huawei has pre-installed the necessary apps that you would love to use. Other are essentials apps like audio recorder, calculator, backup, FM radio and HiCare, an app that connects you to the customer service of Huawei.

Huawei has pre-organized the apps like Google and the essential apps into a folder called Tools.

You are given the freedom to install your favorite apps. But you have to take note that GR5 has only 16Gb of storage and you only have 9.7Gb left for your other stuff.

The microSD slot solves this problem. You can attach up to 256G in the dedicated slot provided for.

gr5 card slot

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Our favorite part of the review is always the camera. We really like good quality images, fast shutter, and focus. The 13Mp rear camera of the GR5 did not disappoint us.

Here are the samples which were re-sized only but not edited at all.

Gr5 sampleOutdoor shot

Gr5Indoor shot

gr5 food shotFood shot

gr5 food shot 2When “Good food” feature is enabled

Subject behind the mirror shot

Here’s a special episode of T4 Gadget Show about the Huawei GR5.


The Huawei GR5 is powered by 1.7 GHz 64 Bit Snapdragon 616 octa-core CPU paired with Adreno 405 and a 2Gb of RAM. I don’t know what’s keeping the GR5 perform fast. But we experience some lags. Noticeable that you have to clear some running apps in the background for it work smooth again.

It would have been better if they had a 3Gb of RAM and add a few hundred in the SRP rather than experience a slow performance overall.


I still like it. The Huawei GR5 is something you can flaunt. It can perform and delivers beautiful, clear and crisp images. While the lags we experience concerns us, a price reduction from the SRP might solve that minor issue.

The battery of GR5 having 3,000mAH non-removable is kind enough to last an 8hour usage with mobile data turned on but used on-demand only. If you keep the WiFi on and use it minimally, it will last you until the next day.

If it is Huawei device, you can’t go wrong. The GR5 is the most good-looking midrange Android device in this generation.

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    1. Sorry but I completely disagree about your review.

      I am going to try to stay polite and calm. But this phone is completely bad. I think it is the worst phone I have ever had. It is so slow. It never has memory available so you always have to delete your things. It cannot even hold more than 2 apps (I wasn’t able to get a memory card because I was abroad and memory cards are fake there and crash)

      This phone takes bad pictures. I had a samsung s5 5 years older and it is taking much better pictures. Low light pictures I don’t even bother. Sound is OK.

      My main worry is the processor it is too slow. The phone is always lagging and cannot handle any app it is crashing all the time and don’t respond.

      Then the battery life is bad. It says around 3000MAh but it is getting empty so fast compared to other phones with same capacity (and yes I close my apps and checked all the things to make it in economy mode). It is even stopping at 5% left all the time.

      Also, every week the phone is stopping by itself and restart, it always change the hour and date by itself, so I don’t notice and when I take pictures they never show up…

      Huawei, I will never buy phones from this brand again. Such a mistake they are also expensive because they are now commercialized worldwide. I bought a Xiaomi Redmi 4x before but accidentally broke the LCD and touchscreen but this phone was half cheaper and much much better. faster, better pics, better memory… Everything much better.

      I have had this phone for about 6 months and bought it new from an official shopping centre in Panama, Colon.

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