Huawei takes teaching-learning experience to next level

Huawei Smart Classroom Solution: IdeaHub Board

Huawei unveiled its Smart Classroom Solution at the recently concluded Huawei Industrial Digital Transformation Conference, which will make day-to-day classes more interactive and engaging for both teachers and students as the Philippine education sector gradually adopts digital technology.

The solution, which is built on the HUAWEI IdeaHub Board and the education cloud platform, aims to solve long-term issues that local educational institutions face, such as a lack of interactive teaching methods and an unbalanced resource distribution.

Xu Jun, Vice President of Huawei’s Global Government Business Unit, Enterprise Business Group, explained how the Smart Classroom Solution focuses on students and integrates both online and offline methods to fulfill the engagement requirements of classrooms during the conference’s education session, which was held online from March 24 to 26 this year.

The Smart Classroom Solution makes use of the large-screen IdeaHub Board as a portal and smart terminals like tablets and various teaching apps to share high-quality teaching tools based on the cloud platform. The solution includes features including online learning, video streaming, and recording for remote teaching.

Huawei Idea Hub

HUAWEI IdeaHub Board has a community discussion scenario where teachers and students can share material and engage with one another to improve the teaching-learning experience. This improves the teaching experience and productivity while encouraging students to engage in class.

Parents are concerned about their children’s prolonged exposure to blue light as a result of the transition to online learning. According to studies, vision deficiency is a major concern in the Philippines, and Filipino children are particularly vulnerable to eye problems. As a result, Huawei prioritizes users’ visual comfort and security by using anti-blue light technology on the IdeaHub Board, which blocks harmful blue light while also preventing yellow cast.

Huawei hopes to contribute to the transformation of the Philippines’ traditional education system into a student-centric “online + offline” hybrid teaching mode through technological innovation.

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