Apple will notify users if iOS updates slow down the iPhone

The news that Apple slowed down their iPhones with each iOS update is still talking about two years after it became public. Now, an agreement with the United Kingdom has led Cupertino to commit to warn users if new versions of the system will affect the performance of their phones.

The truth is that after the controversy uncovered in 2017 by a user of Reddit and later admitted by Apple, the company set in motion different measures to improve the information related to the phone’s performance and the battery life. Now also go a step further and warn, if it happens, with each iOS update.

The facts go back to December of 2017 when Apple recognized that the updates of its operating system slowed the performance of the phone and also affecting the battery life, after the facts were uncovered in Reddit and Geekbench.

Only a month later, at the beginning of 2018, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the United Kingdom launched an investigation fearing that consumer law could be violated and now, two years later, both parties have come agreement in pursuit of clearer information.

Thus, according to the CMA on its website, Apple will inform users about how the iOS update will affect the performance and battery of their smartphones.

To ensure compliance with consumer law, Apple formally agreed to improve the information it provides to people about the battery status of their phones and the impact that performance management software can have on their phones.

Since the events occurred, Apple had improved the information to its users about the iPhone’s battery. In fact, on the website of the company have a section dedicated to the subject explaining how are the Lithium Ion batteries or how to maximize their performance. In addition, iOS 11.3 included the “Battery health” function for managing performance and stability.

According to the different reports, it is believed Apple replaced 11 million batteries during 2018 when the usual is between one and two million a year.


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