Mindanao Accelerates Growth and Progress With Asterra

In the 1960s, Mindanao, a beautiful island in the southern part of the Philippines, was called a “land of promise.” But it wasn’t until many years later that it became the country’s second-largest economy after Luzon. This was mainly because peace and order had improved, encouraging the region’s business leaders to make big plans for its economic future.

Mindanao has an area of about 100,000 square kilometers and more than 20 million people. It is home to several commercial outsourcing businesses that serve information technology hubs and other industries. Its fast-expanding tourist and hospitality industries are also a result of the region’s rigorous security measures, with many facilities open 24 hours a day.

Not the least of these encouraging developments is Mindanao’s continued infrastructure boom, which has encouraged significant companies in the real estate business to construct commercial and residential structures. Large shopping malls and other mixed-use developments have sprung up, demonstrating that Mindanaoans now expect to live productive lives and enjoy modern lifestyles in the newly prosperous region.

Vista Land, a major builder of homes, is leading the way with its new series of condo complexes called Asterra. Asterra, which was started as a personal housing project by Manny B. Villar, the chairman of Vista Land, will be right in the front and show off Mindanao’s best cities. In reality, Asterra’s move into Mindanao will be a time of cooperation and synergy that will help the area and the housing brand.

Asterra’s plans for condo complexes in quiet, peaceful suburbs, especially in areas with beautiful natural scenery, will be made public in the first few months of 2023. Asterra will give people homes and a good way of life wherever progress and growth are expected.

Manny B. Villar, a well-known businessman in the real estate industry, talks about why Vista Land would want Asterra to do well in the area. “With the unique beauty of the island and its rich cultural past, Vista Land intends to construct exquisite residential projects like Asterra to match,” MBV said.

Villar also seeks to entice business investors to come in and help optimize Mindanao’s potential. “I believe that now is the best time to give Mindanaoans the quality homes of their dreams, while offering property investors the value proposition they won’t find elsewhere in the region,” he affirms.

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