O2, O-three! Explore, Shop, and get Support

Before the current Smartphones were born and candy bar cellular phones are the ones that sells like hot cake in stores, there were XDA’s, personal digital assistant or PDA. The competitor in the premium arena where Treo, HTC Dopod, yes HTC have been there for a while now, Palm Pilot by HP and XDA.

Before, TV reporters and media practioners flaunt their XDAs which allows them to write with their pen which is called stylus. OS for these PDA’s were Symbian OS and Windows CE only. There were no iOS and Androids. I still recall owning a Treo and an XDA which later I sold because once the battery was drained, you need to go back to zero. Re-config everything, so if you are travelling you better make sure that in your destination there is an electrical socket which you can plug your charger.

Fast forward to today. We all have Androids in our hands – name it, Samsung has dozen of smartphones, HTC in span of one year launched almost dozen models in the market, Apple revolutionized the phone arena when it intdrocuded iPhone, and other local brands has android smart phones as well.
So where are all those old premium phones now? Anybody still carry an O2 PDA? Did you sold it like I did before it became a paper weight in my office table? Just a curious question.

Why O2?O2, a UK-based company which was the original XDA producer is UK’s leading provider of mobile phones and broadband, which offers best deals for mobile phone, sim only, and broadband deals. They have now diversified of not only providing mobile phones; they got services like you can pay monthly for a phone. And they also have iPhone by Apple.

O2 has Exclusive offers and experiences nationwide, straight to you, They have So, for customers in the UK try O2’ services not only two but three – Explore, Shot and Support.

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