VITRO Sta. Rosa buildout to sustain PLDT’s data center dominance


PLDT’s ICT subsidiary, ePLDT, which it owns 100% of, keeps PLDT’s data centers at the top of the game in the country as it invests more money to add more racks. The Philippines’ largest fully integrated telco keeps adding racks to its large network of VITRO data centers, which is now at 74% rack utilization.

The Group recently said that it has added 612 racks in response to a rise in demand from businesses around the world and around the corner. “We will keep adding more to make sure that we meet the needs of both small businesses and large companies. “This backs up the government’s push, especially from the Department of Trade and Industry, for hyperscaler data centers as the second coming of the BPO industry,” said Alfredo S. Panlilio, President and CEO of PLDT and Smart, at a recent briefing.

ePLDT runs 10 VITRO Data Centers and has already put 4,541 of the 6,133 ready racks to use. The ICT division wants to add more space to three of its major VITRO data centers in Makati, Paranaque, and Clark.

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“We are currently expanding capacity in three of our existing data center sites and building our 11th Vitro Data Center in Sta. Rosa. The target is to add 1,500 racks by the end of the 4th quarter of 2022 and 1,500 racks by the end of 2023. So all told, you’re looking at an additional 3,000 available racks from now until the end of next year,” said ePLDT President Viboy Genuino.

The PLDT Group also announced earlier that its largest VITRO data center, a premier hyperscaler facility in Sta. Rosa, Laguna with a power capacity that can be increased up to 100 Megawatts, will be built. This building will get another 4,500 racks, which is the same number of racks that are already being used by all of its data centers combined.

“We are looking forward to opening our VITRO Santa Rosa Hyperscale Data Center. If you look at enterprises in the Philippines, there is a very clear need to digitize their operations in order to drive business agility. This way they can deliver better customer experiences to their end-users. Having a digital channel is a way to do that. Once customers adapt to that, it will further fuel the amount of hyperscalers and enterprise customers in need of our data center solutions,” added Genuino.

VITRO Sta. Rosa combines sustainable aesthetics with power, efficiency

When it opens at the end of next year, the VITRO Sta. Rosa facility will be PLDT’s biggest data center. It is being built to use less energy and be kind to the environment. Its Tier-3 certified and Tier 4-ready design includes sustainable operations and looks, which are in line with LEED compliance requirements and help the environment as little as possible.

The PLDT Group has already said that it will work with the award-winning engineering firm RED Engineering to build VITRO Sta. Rosa. The design of this first-of-its-kind facility in the Philippines will be based on the best sustainable practices and energy efficiency.

Its first steps toward sustainability include building programs that track and save fuel and water, use solar-powered lighting to cut down on fuel use, make the most of natural light, use passive cooling insulation cladding to control thermal and acoustic insulation, and use and re-use of excess and scrap materials like aluminum, steel, and glass to reduce waste.

PLDT plans to put in place manpower programs by hiring and training local workers. This will help the local people become skilled talents.

In the same way that solar energy solutions have been installed in some PLDT buildings, the Sta. Rosa data center will also use solar on its roof deck to give the building extra clean power.

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