Samsung NX300 Review

After the NX2000 which we reviewed about four weeks ago, we had to play around and put to test the latest NX series of Samsung, the  NX300.  The Samsung NX300 was launched locally three months ago and during the launch, I was able to test it with a 60mm macro lens. I was immediately impressed by how the camera performed, the background blurring can compete with the quality of picture taken by a DSLR.

NX300 Topview

The NX300 packs a 20.3MP sensor, 1/6000sec shutter speed, and can capture image at 8.6FPS (frames per second), my old Canon EOS 40D can only do 6.5FPS rapid shooting.

Samsung NX300 has 3.3-inch AMOLED touch screen display can be tilted for high angle shots. It comes with a (BP1130) 1130mAh rechargeable battery and a free 8G micro-SD storage though the slot is a standard SD slot. The standard package when you buy the NX300 includes an 18-55mm III OIS lens, with a dynamic opening of F3.5 to F5.6, very similar to the kit lens sold with DSLR. It has the iFunction button that lets you quick access menu while shooting.

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Samsung NX300 Design and Build.
Compared to the NX2000, the NX300 has a better ergonomic design, the buttons on the right side including the dial are properly arranged making it easy to use and manipulate during a shoot. There is also a dedicated zoom and a video recording button should you decide to record a video anytime during your shoot, just press it and it starts recording. The AF assist light also plays a big role specially when shooting in a low light condition.

NX300- Back

The NX300 has half metal half plastic body, a standard hot shoe for the flash and tripod mount. Micro-HDMI and micro-USB are on the right side which are useful in transferring photos the classic way to your PC or laptop, the SD card is located side by side with the battery.

NX300- Tilt LCD

NX-300 Slots

Smart camera features are also present, including the WiFi menu that gets you to the wireless connectivity menu activated in the dial. NFC and WiFi connectivity works just the same as the NX2000. For the NFC to work, you need to download the Samsung Camera App from Google Play. NX 300 is available in black, white and brown, each has its own colors of NX lenses.

Compared to DSLRs, NX300 is lightweight weighing only 284 grams without the battery and lens, but even when you mount the kit lens, it doesn’t feel like its heavy. The white version has also white strap, which I did not use during the review. It will surely become dirty overtime. You can buy a third party strap anyway.

Samsung NX300 18-55 2

Performance, Sample Results.
I felt it was slow when taking photos, but it was really fast in focusing. It locks into the subject immediately when you half-press the shutter to initiate the AF function. The tilting LCD helped me a lot in shooting overhead situations and also when you aim your camera upwards from a really low angle position. But you can only tilt it up and down. Images captured are brighter and sharper compared to the NX2000, when I used the strobes in one of the product shoot I did, you will notice the sharpness of the image immediately.

Lets get down to business and show you sample images. We tested the NX300 in both conditions – with lighting and ambient light without flash.

Photos taken with ambient light only without flash.
Samsung NX300 Review

Samsung NX300 Review

Samsung NX300 Review

Here are sample images using strobes, we did a 2 a two lighting setup and used a flash trigger in this photos.
Samsung NX300 Review

Samsung NX300 Review

Samsung NX300 Review

Samsung NX300 Review

You can click the photos to see the enlarged version. Photo are hosted in my Flickr account to maintain high resolution copy. You can check more photos of the NX300 in this link.

The video capture was also impressive. It captures 1080P without any problem. The audio is superb, very loud and clear. Here are two samples that we took recently.

This is the ADP Flashmob 2.0 held in Glorietta, read our story here.

So far, I was happy using the NX300. Most of my recent shoots including events and product shoot, I’d immediately bring NX300 with me. That’s because it is so lightweight, it delivers high quality pictures, and take FHD video. Plus, no guards in the malls and public places will ever come up to you and ask you if you have permit to shoot. I was not able to test the macro lens and the telephoto, they got 50-200mm, 18-200mm, but I wish I was able to test the 60mm F/2.8 macro. Battery life was able to deliver only almost 200 images and three short videos. I guess the video record took most of the juice of the battery.

What’s hot:
– Fast AF
– Lightweight and build
– HQ video and audio
– Sharp images

What’s not:
– Price
– So, so battery life.

Samsung NX300 is now in stores bearing the official SRP of P36,990. We will give NX300 a score of 4/5 for now.


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