Smart teams up with KLOOK for out-this-world travel deals at the Travel Fest 2019

Attention travel junkies!

There are out-of-this-world travel deals coming up on September 7 and 8 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Philippines. That’s the KLOOK Travel Fest 2019.

klook travel fest 2019

During the fest, the award-winning app, KLOOK will make it so easy to book over 100,000 attractions and activities in more than 300 global destinations.

To make the experience seamless, you don’t have to leave the country without mobile data. Even if there are “free” WiFi in your country of destinations, it is definitely an “END to END” solution. And you don’t like that your data is cut in the middle of your trip. You don’t like to miss that “Instagramable” photo in the train station, right?

At the KLOOK Travel Fest 2019, you can enjoy Smart’s exclusive offer of 50% off on data roaming packages. So, don’t miss it.

Smart Data Roaming Manager

With just a click, you can be in control of your roaming experience with Smart’s Data Roaming Manager, just go to

Before you leave the country, make sure to check if have enough credits if you on Prepaid, and if you are on Postpaid, make sure that you don’t have an outstanding balance.

Turn off the WiFi on your mobile phone and turn on Mobile Data and Data Roaming, then go to, then select the data package that you want to enroll. And then off you go!

What to expect at KLOOK Travel Fest 2019

At the fest, you can score Buy 2 Get 1 Deals, and up to 30% discount for tours and attractions in your favorite destinations like Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and even USA!

It gets even better while booking your next vacation, enjoy listening to some FAM-tastic traveling tips for the family from Team Kramer, hacks and traveling secrets from globetrotter Liza Soberano, alongside youtube content creator and worldwide foodie Mike Chen of Strictly Dumpling, and aspirational Do You Travel couple Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris.


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