Feature: Smart LTE A Pocket Wifi

We were in the province for almost the whole of October because of some unavoidable circumstances. And when outside the house, you can only rely on mobile internet, which was, luckily provided well by Smart’s LTE-A Pocket WiFi. I was able to work at the quarantine facility for weeks and at home afterward. The LTE-A prepaid pocket WiFi is a very convenient device to bring and share with family and friends.

Smart LTE-A Prepaid Pocket WiFi
Smart LTE-A Prepaid Pocket WiFi


This little device with 3,000mAH battery capacity has a USB Type-C port and an LTE Category 6 device. Fact is, this is the only pocket WiFi offered by Smart that has USB Type-C. Making it very convenient for me since my smartphone has the same port. So, it required me just one cable and charger in one trip.

Manoy at the Quarantine Facility in Ligao City

We were five (5) in that quarantine facility and we shared the internet connection without any hassle at all. I think we were lucky enough that the signal is always a full bar in that area.

You know, devices like this are very, very similar to your smartphone. It requires a strong LTE signal in order to deliver fast mobile internet.

We were getting an average of 10Mbps and it would even peak at 12Mbps on a given day.

Watch: Unboxing Smart LTE-A Pocket WiFi


  • LTE-A, LTE/4G
  • Max download speed: 100Mbps
  • USB Type-C
  • Rel 10, Cat 6
Smart LTE A Pocket WiFi


The retail price is P1,995 and it comes with 15 GB of data (1 Gb/day for 15 days), and yes, it can connect up to 10 devices.

Why should you buy it?

Better connectivity. It can deliver up to 100Mbps of mobile internet speed, that’s because it is an LTE-A device, which means it is many times faster than the regular 4G/LTE device.

Backward compatible. That means, when LTE-A is not available in your area, the devices switch to LTE/4G even up to 2G.

Fastest mobile internet. Ookla’s fastest mobile internet is Smart.

Where to buy it?

You can go to the nearest Smart Store, or better yet order it online via or in Lazada.

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