Partnership Sealed: Acer and TNC Premium Cafe and Ground Zero

TNC Premium Cafe and Ground Zero and Acer have already formalized its partnership through a formal contract signing on November 14, 2019. Three big brands were there to support the partnership — Acer, Predator, and NVIDIA.

The contract signing was also the best venue for TNC to announce its massive plans of building up sites in the entire nation mainly to level up and professionalize the gaming industry.

Manuel Wong Acer Philippines

Acer is supporting the gaming industry knows that is now a multi-billion industry where pot money can go up to millions and millions of dollars. But no one can put a price tag to the kind of hard work gamers poured into their passion which led to bringing honor to the country.

On the part of TNC Premium Café and GroundZero, their cafes will be equipped with the Predator’s latest and premium gaming devices specially designed for serious hardcore gaming athletes, it’s a venue for these gamers to further hone their skills in an environment that supports their passion.

Thru this partnership, Predator, TNC, and NVIDIA are now ready to provide the gaming community everything that it needs to become the best not only in the Philippines but in the whole region as well.

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