110 Predators on High Grounds; PH’s first fully branded eSports cafe
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110 Predators on High Grounds; PH’s first fully branded eSports cafe

The Predator, the gaming PC brand of Acer recently took its brand to the next level by installing 110 units of Predator G1 & G3 gaming PCs powered by Intel Core i7 6700 and paired with 32G DDR4 2133Mhz RAM. All these can be tested now at the

Don’t worry about the performance as its configuration does not stop there. The Predator G1 has 3TB of storage and has 256G M.2 SSD combination. And for visual clarity, they stuffed in NVIDIA GeFore GTX1080 with 8G of GDDR5 graphics card for a real immersive gaming experience.

The Predator G3, on the other hand, has i7 CPU, 16G of RAM and 2TB + 128 SDD configuration. The graphics card of the G3 is a GeForce GTX1060 with 3G GDDR5.

Now to make your gaming experience no-tear and less stutter performance, a 24-inch full HD Predator XB241H monitor that support NVIDIA G sync technology are in place and it will certainly stun any onlooker.

All these can be tested now at the High Grounds Cafe in No. 67 Scout Rallos in Quezon City, Philippines.

Preview: Predator 21 X the USD9,000 monster gaming laptop

The opening of High Grounds Cafe was also the monster venue for the preview of the Predator 21 X. The monster gaming laptop of Acer gave the gaming pros and tech enthusiasts the best and most fearsome gaming laptop ever.

The Predator 21 x is a humungous beast with a robust 21-inch-wide Full HD curved monitor. It is powered by 7th Gen Core i7 CPU, has NVIDIA GeFore GTX1080 SLi with 16G GDDRX graphics card paired with 64G of RAM plus Acer ColorBlast for clearest color to reach a laptop.

eric redulfin

TNC.com chief Eric Redulfin said High Grounds Cafe breaks the barriers in what used to be Internet-surfing-only cyber cafes. The environment is totally different now. It has metamorphosed into complete full-fledged gaming centers.

Redulfin also shared that High Grounds Cafe will be the best breeding ground for future Filipino eSports Stars who can give eSports Players from the other countries a run for their money.

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