Bounce Mini Speakers Review

A mini speaker was sent to be before the holiday break last year. And since I was scheduled to for a two weeks long vacation in the province, I took it with me to play around, use it to play MP3s in my iPod nano & plugged in my laptop to enhance the sound of my internal speakers on some movie clips.

This mini speaker is one of the three models offered by Mobile Wonders. The one that got into Digitalspidey is the Bounce model.

I’ve had few other similar sized speakers before the guys at Mobile Wonders sent me this review unit. The speakers has individual power switch and individual led light indicator which you use to determine if its battery is fully charged or about to be drained already. It comes with a specialized USB cable which you use to charge it. At the end of the USB cable is an integrated 3.5mm audio cable which you can use to plug to your different players such as your laptop, your MP3 players, smartphones, and iPads. On the other end of it is a mini USB cable which connects to the speakers. It has also a dedicated volume control which you use to control manually the audio of the speakers.

The audio of the speakers is not only decent but is superb for a mini series like this. The sound does not become annoying even if you put it in full volume, it is still solid. But since it is a small speaker expect the lack of controlling the base or the treble. The audio of the Bounce speakers is enough to fill a standard room if you just need a not so loud speakers for music listening pleasure or even playing movie clip from your iPad or laptop. Mobile Wonder was true when they said the sound of this speakers is crystal clear.

The led indicator is blue which indicates that its battery life is still up and running, it turns into red once the battery is going to die and warns you to charge it at once.

The battery life I must say is winner. Other mini speakers will last you only few hours of playback but this once amazed me. I tried a continuous music play but my player surrendered earlier than the speakers. Believe me, the battery life of Bounce lasted for about three days. I have to change the player and continued the next day playing it whole day. The battery of this speakers is lithium rechargeable which really last for days.

Now, shall I buy Bounce speakers for personal use? The answer is yes. This will keep me company during travels – in hotel rooms, in resorts even in the comfort of my room for easy listening mode. The only downside I guess is the cable that comes with the package, you have to take extra care of it. Once you damage it, I’m not sure if you can buy an original spare.

The speakers costs P2,250.00 is stores. Visit the links below for useful information like where to buy this speakers.

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