High-impact entrepreneurs reinvest profit, knowledge, and time to create multiplier effect and improve entrepreneurship


Endeavor, the largest worldwide community of, by, and for high-impact entrepreneurs, has released the Philippine Multiplier Map, which illustrates how Endeavor Entrepreneurs have altered the entrepreneurial environment since the community’s inception in 2014.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs have earned over PHP30 billion in sales and created over 30,000 jobs in 2022 alone. Endeavor Entrepreneurs are reinvesting money, skills, and time to magnify the beneficial impact their individual firms have achieved in order to guide and motivate the next generation.

“The Philippine entrepreneurial ecosystem is at a crossroads, with more startups emerging than ever before, more venture capital firms establishing themselves, and more funding streaming into the country.” “As the ecosystem has grown, we’ve seen the development of high-impact entrepreneurs, individuals who inspire, mentor, and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs, unleashing a far-reaching multiplier effect,” says Manny Ayala, Managing Director of Endeavor Philippines.
High-impact entrepreneurs, according to Endeavor, “have the biggest ideas, the greatest potential for meaningful scale, and the ability to inspire, mentor, and reinvest in the next generation.”

Endeavor fosters vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging and neglected markets worldwide, driven by the premise that high-impact entrepreneurs transform economies. Over the years, Endeavor mentors in the Philippines, for example, have provided around 1,200 mentoring hours to entrepreneurs from all over the world. During that time, a few mentors have achieved two significant milestones in their Endeavor mentor journey: the 1,000+ Minute and 2,000+ Minute Clubs.

Endeavor Catalyst is a rules-based, co-investment fund set up to invest in the same high-impact entrepreneurs that Endeavor supports in order to sustain Endeavor’s long-term operations in a mission-aligned manner. Outside of the United States and China, Endeavor Catalyst is one among the world’s top early-stage financiers of startups-turned $1B+ corporations (“Unicorns”).

The entrepreneurial spirit of Endeavor Philippines has been fuelled through paying it forward.

“In the Philippines, Endeavor entrepreneurs and employees embody the three Ms: Mogaling, Matino, and Mopagbigay.” “They’re the top of the crop; they operate with high ethics and are generous,” Ayala says.

Endeavor Entrepreneurs, whose businesses have evolved as Big Bubbles (companies with a measurably significant multiplier effect in the ecosystem), are now key mentors, investors, and consultants for early-stage startups both locally and globally. Nix Nolledo, CEO of; Richard Eldridge, Co-founder of Lenddo; and Paul Rivera, Co-Founder and CEO of Kalibrr are among them.

Meanwhile, Roland Ros and Rexy Dorado, Cofounders of Kumu, and Steve Sy, CEO of Great Deals E-Commerce Corp., are next-generation Endeavor Entrepreneurs who are already making their mark and poised to be the next Big Bubbles in the Philippines’ startup environment.

“Being an EE (Endeavor Entrepreneur) means playing a larger part in the advancement of society for me.” I believe it is our obligation to pay it forward. Endeavor has given us many excellent opportunities. “It’s our responsibility to mentor and give back to others,” says Paolo Hilario, an EE since 2018.

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman of Ayala Corporation; Injap Sia of Mang Inasal and Double Dragon; and Gabby Lopez, Chairman Emeritus of ABS-CBN are all members of the 1,000+ Minute Club. Anton Huang, President of Stores Specialists, Inc.; David Guerrero, Founder of BBDO Guerrero; and Jasen Ko, Chairman of Laborem, Inc. are among the 2,000+ Minute Club inductees.

“Endeavor can produce a multiplier effect because we are committed to motivating high-growth innovators to dream higher, supporting and investing in them to develop quicker, and creating a platform to pay it forward—thus compounding their individual impact,” Ayala says.


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