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Take advantage of all that Shopee has to offer on February 23, 2022! Watch out for Gaabor’s Super Brand Day, which will take place on the platform and customers can save up to 50% on home appliances.

Did you know Gaabor is a well-known home appliance brand on Shopee, with over 148k store followers? This massive following was formed barely 7 months after joining Shopee in the Philippines.

Gaabor official store on Shopee.

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In this post, I’d like to share three (3) Gaabor home products that will make your life easier. This is recommended for shoppers who are living in the Metro and still want to enjoy home-cooked food.

Gaabor Air fryer, 5L Big Capacity Touch Screen Oil Free Oven Multi-functional Healthy Cook GA-E5A01

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Here are five (5) features that will surely help you decide to buy this touchscreen oil-free multifunction air fryer from Gaboor.

Quick and healthy

Air fryer provides fast and healthful cuisine while using 98 percent less oil than traditional fryers. You can air fry foods to crispy perfection with an adjustable temperature range of 80-200°C. For quick and easy meals, air-fried pizzas, chicken, French fries, vegetables, and frozen dishes in minutes. You may also reheat leftovers to bring them back to their original crispness.

Easy to clean & operate

The touch screen digital control panel is extremely easy to operate; you can begin cooking with just a few touches of the buttons on the control panel. It is easier to clean because of the nonstick basket. The handle protector is also made of high-quality material to prevent the handle from being accidentally disconnected.

Good for family use

Because it has a 5L capacity, you can cook for your family and guests without having to worry about messy oil splatters and heat, as well as the dangers of being near a fire or hot oil. With a single piece of cooking equipment, you can prepare a range of exquisite meals at any moment.

Sleek design

Its tidy and streamlined appearance makes it ideal for use on kitchen countertops.

Gaabor Air Fryer, 4L Household Multi-functional Oil-free Healthy Cooking Non-Stick Grill

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Here are the top features of this Gaabor Air Fryer that you should consider.

  • 360° three dimensional hot air circulation with even heating;
  • Turning on with one knob only, with fixed time and temperature, cook without waiting;
  • 4L capacity, sufficient for the needs of whole family;
  • 6 kinds of function menu, you can be a good chef too;
  • Anti-scalding handle, intimate to palm;
  • Detachable non-stick grill, easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Automatic power shutdown memory, double safety.

Gaabor Air fryer, 5L Touch Control Oil Free Healthy Oven Multi-functional Baking Frying GA-E5A02

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These three (3) features will surely make you click “Add to cart” immediately.

7 Preset Cooking Modes

The Air Fryer makes life easier with its 5L large capacity and 7 preset cooking menu. That includes Fish, Steak, Pizza, Cake, Prawn, Ribs, Chips.

Healthy Eating Lifestyle

This air fryer cooks your favorite meals with little to no oil, reducing oil or fat intake by up to 80%, making it great for health-conscious and energetic folks who want to prepare healthy foods faster and simpler.

Sturdy & easy to clean

This air fryer is composed of high-quality materials and comes with a detachable basket and nonstick grill plate that can be simply cleaned after use. The digital control panel is simple to use; simply press a button to begin cooking. It’s quick and easy to use.


Try out the Gaabor Air Fryer Touch Control and let us know what you think. Share how its 7 preset cooking menu allows you to cook any of your family’s favorite meals while still providing a healthy dining experience with its oil-free oven.

Check out Gaabor’s Super Brand Day on Shopee this February 23!

Gaabor Super Brand Day Sale!

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