Must have gadget at home: WOW! Fiesta HD Mini; Sale on Shopee!

Filipinos favorite past time is karaoke. We love to sing. That’s why we need this gadget at home. The WOW! Fiesta HD Mini.

WOW Fiesta HD Mini

WOW! Fiesta HD Mini Features

Let’s breakdown the winning features of this videoke machine first before you switch to your Shopee App and start shopping.

  • There are built-in English and OPM Licensed Songs. All your favorite songs loaded inside the secured internal storage.
  • Full HD 1080P output. Beautiful and realistic video backgrounds with vivid color and details to accompany your singing performance.
  • Car Friendly. The WOW! Fiesta HD Mini is very compact, you can install this in your car.
  • Multimedia Player. Aside from being a portable karaoke machine, it can also play movies and music via the USB drive. It plays lots of media formats.
  • Professional Wired Mic. It comes with a professional mic tuned for effortless vocal capture. It has 5m cable for ease of movement while you perform.

Wait, there’s more!

WOW! Fiesta HD Mini comes with FREE Song Loader App. Using your PC you can download new content from WOW’s cloud. All newly-added songs will have full search and scoring functionality.

WOW! Fiesta HD Mini on Shopee

The WOW Store on Shopee will have its Super Brand Day on Shopee on April 29, where users can get discounts of up to 60% on WOW! Products.

You can go back on April 30 at 6PM and 12MN respectively to check out the Flash Deals. You can get the WOW! Fiesta HD Mini Portable Karaoke Player for only P2,799.

WOW! Fiesta HD Mini is the most affordable Full HD Videoke in the market today.

WOW! Fiesta HD Mini has the Unli Song Expansion Feature, unique to WOW Fiesta. This allows the users to download more than 12k songs via the Cloud for FREE.

Because WOW! Fiesta HD Mini is ultra-compact, you to enjoy videoke entertainment anywhere, even while inside the car.

Fire up your Shopee App and check out the WOW! Fiesta HD Mini!

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