Giveaway Alert: Urbanears Plattan headphone

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We are giving away Urbanears Plattan headset! 😉

Details about the Plattan headset is here.

Digitalspidey’s Urbanears Plattan Giveaway


How to win it

  1. Follow @digitalspidey & @raffypedrajita on Twitter. Skip if you are already a follower.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway and tag @digitalspidey , @raffypedrajita and one of your Twitter friends. One only.  Include the hashtag #FTWDigitalspidey. Alternately, you can copy this short URL and proceed with your tweet – Sample tweets are provided below.
  3. Post the link of your tweet in the comment section with this message “#FTWDigitalspidey – URL of your tweet”.
  4. To qualify, you only need to tweet once. Multiple tweets will auto-disqualify you in the raffle. The required hashtag must be present. And you must be following @digitalsipdey and @raffypedrajita on Twitter.

This is a Twitter contest. We will come up with a separate contest for Facebook and Instagram after this.

We have more items to giveaway, so hang in there.

Game? #FTWDigitalspidey

How to get the URL of your tweet

  1. Go to your Twitter timeline
  2. Find your tweet about this giveaway
  3. Click the time stamp of that tweet. It will load that specific tweet. Copy the URL in your browser.



Sample tweets

sample-tweet sampletweet2


  1. not even an announcement for the winner? You instead choose to be silent…. hayyy why even make a contest if you cant simply announce a winner though

  2. Hi Jerry. I am going to announce the winner. I am just so busy doing stuff. 😉 Rest assured I will raffle it off and announce the winner, including Facebook page promo for the Xiaomi Powerbank. Cheers!

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